The Importance of Completing Your Own Personal Statement

The Importance of Completing Your Own Personal Statement

Your personal statement is just as important as your academic qualifications. Universities pay close attention to personal statements while selecting students, looking for points that convey your personality and mindset to them. Writing your own personal statement can be tricky initially, but doing it yourself will ensure that your personality is reflected in every sentence. Here are some reasons why it’s important to write your own personal statement.

You know yourself best.

No one knows you better than you. And that’s why you must write your personal statement. Hiring another professional to write your personal statement with very little input from your side will not help you at all. Professional personal statement writers often know what gets students selected but try to write the best possible statement with little or no personal elements. 

By writing your own statement, you can include all that shaped you into the person you are today and why those experiences make you a fit student for the university. In times like today where excelling at academics is no more the only criteria of evaluation, a personal statement reflecting your potential will help you stand out amongst a group of applicants. 

Personal help when you need

Many students struggled to frame their thoughts into sentences, forcing them to rely on personal statement professionals. If you’re applying to a college for your future education and need help writing a personal statement, you should use reliable personal statement service Writing. They have writers trained to listen to you and write a personal statement that fully reflects your personality and includes all the life experiences that shaped you into the person you are today. While they work on your personal statement, you can focus on your time studying for your exams. 

Life experiences

Your life experiences are best known to you. Universities have clarified time and again that they value personal elements such as the inclusion of experiences, a student’s awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and their personal goals. These elements can weave a great statement to send in college applications. 

By writing your own personal statement, you can add the smallest of details and connect them to provide the best justification as to why those experiences brought changes within you. Instead of merely mentioning strengths and weaknesses, you must deliver them through a narrative that can express your thoughts and perspective to the university. 

It helps you in your interview.

Personal statements go beyond text documents. Most universities conduct interviews of shortlisted applicants to select the final set of applicants who get an offer letter. 

During these interviews, applicants are asked questions from their personal statements apart from the general questions. When you write your own personal statement, you know exactly what has been included in the document and what can be asked. By having this information, you can prepare yourself for questions beforehand. 

Another reason is that personal statements allow you to provide more depth to any experience you mentioned in it. The interviewees can get a greater understanding of you and decide better whether you fit the criteria or not.  

A unique personal statement

Writing your own personal statement makes it a unique document. Hiring a writer takes away your personal statement’s ability to be unique. They follow a set format to write texts with the highest success rate, whereas a statement written by you will have your personal anecdotes, views, and ideas, making it an authentic document. 

It takes just as much time to write one on your own, and it can be frustrating, but a unique personal statement can be the difference between getting selected and being waitlisted for your dream course. 

Universities aim to create a class that includes unique students, bringing something new to the table. Writing your own statement and including points that make it personal and unique is what will help you get into the university you dream of. 


The reasons mentioned above are sufficient to explain just how important writing your personal statement really is. You must practice writing your personal statement by your dream university on your own capabilities to get selected by your dream university. Keep in mind the importance of including life experiences and anecdotes to weave a narrative that depicts your strengths, weaknesses and ideas. It will significantly increase your odds of being selected. 

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