YouTube Ads Found to Violate Google Own Terms of Service – Report

YouTube Ads Found to Violate Google Own Terms of Service

According to a shocking report by The Wall Street Journal, it is understood that more than 80% of youtube video ads are against Google’s terms and conditions.

This terms of service breach may cause billions of dollars to Google. If this happens, it will be a new trouble for Google. Currently, the company is also facing two lawsuits already.

On the other hand, Google claims that these methods are inaccurate. Google gets money from advertisers to play their ads before, in between, or after the video. But according to research by Adalytics, about half of those ads are not showing on YouTube videos.

According to the report by Adalytics, most of the premium companies’ ads are showing on low-quality sites instead of premium websites with natural organic traffic.

Google responded with its statement. The company claims that these findings are “extremely inaccurate”.

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