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Wpit18 com Reviews

WPit18 or WPC2029.LIVE is a platform for roster fights in the Philippines. On, users can enroll in the fights and add their information. If you are a fan of rooster fights, you may want to check out the All About WPIT18 Reviews.

These Wpit18 reviews will tell you whether or not WPIT 18 is a legitimate website. They will cover Rooster fighting on the online platforms and the legality of the game. Whether you’re interested in joining, there are many things to consider before signing up.

Before moving ahead with reviews, let’s talk about WPC. 

WPC and Its Work 

World Pitmasters Cup or WPC is a popular online term in the Philippines region. It is a competition where clients from different areas join the occasion. For any client, who wants to join the occasion, they must be aware of some terms such as; 

  • They must follow all the rules and guidelines of WPC. 
  • You must submit the standards of 
  • You must be aware that the competition is broadcasted live on their website. 
  • Anyone who wants to participate in the game must be familiar that all the competitions are viral in the Philippines, and hence it gets featured on the internet. 
  • The referee’s decision is final, and the referee tries their best to get the best results in the battle. 

How to Register on Wpit18 com or WPC2029.Live? 

Wpit18 or WPC2029 live registration process is straightforward. You need to follow the step by step guide given below, and you will get registered on the website. 

  1. Open in the browser; it will redirect you to domain 
  2. Enter the login details, i.e. username and password 
  3. Next, click on the “Sign in to Your Account” button 
  4. Click on the “Contact us” button if you are new or facing problems while singing to the account 
  5. You can contact them on their Viber or Whatsapp number

How to Contact Support of WPC2029 or Wpit18 com? 

If you face any problem when signing in, you can contact the support team through the “Contact Us” link from the same sign-in page. There is no email given, so you have to get them through the given Whatsapp (09451491761)or Viber number (09638900729)

All You Want to Know About Rooster Fighting

You’ve probably seen rooster fights if you’ve ever attended a WPIT event. Unlike human battles, roosters compete in a variety of other sports. They do it to establish dominance over the hens they guard. And unlike humans, roosters don’t fight at WPIT18 for the sake of entertainment. It’s all in good fun for the spectators, and roosters make for an entertaining sport.

While WPC and WPIT18 are fun ways for roosters to show off their skills and make money, roosters often suffer a terrible fate. In addition to receiving significant bruises and even losing their eyes, some roosters are even dying during the games. The roosters do not always survive the fight, and violence against roosters is common in WPIT18 tournaments.

Rooster fighting at WPIT18 is considered legal in many jurisdictions. It’s even a legitimate form of entertainment, and many people from the Philippines train their roosters for this event. While rooster fights are outlawed in some countries, WPIT18 is not. You can participate in the WPIT18 competition even if you’re not a cockfighting fan.

Wpit18 Reviews 2024

While many WPIT18 reviews claim the site has plenty of money and opportunities for players, many also mention that the events promote animal cruelty. While this type of event isn’t technically illegal, it violates the guidelines of many nations and shows no mercy for animals.

Animals in these contests are harmed, and participants must complete an online registration form to be eligible to participate. Several NGOs have also condemned this event, citing the exploitation of animals in the process.

Some people enjoy spending time with animals and participating in sporting events; others, however, compete for money or entertainment. Whatever the reason, animal cruelty is never acceptable. Even those who don’t want to harm animals are still likely to participate in such events.

And the organisers earn money by charging audience members to participate. But this practice isn’t just bad for animals; it is also unsettling. Whether a person engages in an event or not, the consequences of animal cruelty are often severe.

Is It Legal to Play Wpit18?

While many nations are divided over the legality of rooster fighting, in the Philippines, this particular event is considered a fun and safe activity. Competitors should take many safety precautions to ensure their safety, from wearing protective gear to staying away from chickens and hens. There are also rules and guidelines for the event, which the site outlines. These rules and procedures help ensure the legality of wpit18 for everyone.

WPC is entirely legal in the Philippines, a country known for its love for animals. However, it is not legal in many places because of the widespread publicity surrounding this event. You can register for free at There are several benefits to writing as a WPC, and these are outlined below. You can also view the list of countries that have banned WPIT18.

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