WPC Works with Apple on the New Qi2 Standard Based on MagSafe


The WPC declared at CES 2023 that the “Qi2” standard, the up-and-coming iteration of the Qi standard, was created with Apple’s assistance. The new standard will have a “Magnetic Power Profile” at its core in order to increase the technology’s effectiveness and interoperability.

According to WPC, this Magnetic Power Profile functions very similarly to Apple’s MagSafe. As a result, Qi2 accessories will be perfectly positioned to interact with the devices, enhancing both fast charging and energy efficiency. Since it was created in collaboration with Apple, the Qi2 standard will naturally also function with MagSafe by default.

At the moment, Apple’s MagSafe standard is a proprietary one, and accessory makers even have to pay to use it. Although the Qi2 standard has been announced, Apple can still technically restrict some features to MagSafe-certified accessories. This will help to ensure that this kind of accessory is compatible with a variety of phones.

Once it is made available, the new Qi2 standard will take the place of the Qi predecessor. By 2023, one billion Qi devices are anticipated to be sold worldwide, according to WPC. By the end of the year, the first Qi2-certified electronics and accessories are anticipated.

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