CES 2023: Intel unveils new 13th Gen Core processors for laptops and desktops

Intel 13th Gen Core processors
Intel 13th Gen Core processors

Intel officially introduced its new 13th Generation Core mobile CPUs today at CES.
Other Core H, P, and U series mobile CPUs will be available to round out the lineup, with H being the most frequent in gaming laptops and P and U series chips being utilized in lower-power thin and light laptops.

Additionally, you can anticipate up to 5.6GHz boost clock rates, up to 49 percent quicker multitasking performance compared to Intel 12th Gen, and the most recent battery life and efficiency advances.

According to Intel, 13th Gen Intel Core mobile CPUs will power five times as many HX laptop designs than 12th Gen. In terms of regular H, P, and U series laptops, Intel anticipates around 300 designs from OEMs over the next year, so expect lots of fresh laptop announcements from firms such as Dell, Lenovo, Asus, HP, MSI, Razer, and others.

Intel has also released new non-K SKUs for the desktop.
These new SKUs have TDPs of 35 and 65 watts, respectively, and so consume less power.

Even with the reduced TDP, these chips provide up to 24C/32T, up to 5.6GHz boost clock rates, and up to 34% greater multithreaded performance than their predecessors.

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