Ready for an Adventure? Win an iPhone 14 Plus for Yourself or a Honda Click 160 for Your Family with ACE Money Transfer.

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ACE Money Transfer presents an exclusive campaign for sending money to the Philippines with exciting prizes. In an exciting endeavor targeting Filipino customers who send money to Philippines from overseas, ACE Money Transfer has geared up to launch a captivating three-month promotion from June 1st till the end of August. This remarkable campaign offers an exceptional opportunity for senders and recipients of remittances, giving them a chance to win incredible prizes. By enabling customers to conveniently send money to the Philippines and rewarding them with enticing prizes, ACE Money Transfer further enhances its commitment to customer satisfaction and engagement.

Understanding the Importance of Remittances for Filipino Families

Before delving into the campaign details, it is crucial to understand the vital role remittances play in the lives of Filipino families. Remittances serve as a lifeline for many households and play a significant role in the economic development of the Philippines. Filipino workers abroad often send money back home to support their families, finance education, invest in businesses, and contribute to the overall growth of the country’s economy. ACE Money Transfer recognizes the importance of these remittances and aims to make the process more rewarding for its customers.

Simple Registration Process with ACE Money Transfer

To participate in this captivating campaign and unlock the opportunity to win amazing prizes, customers must register with ACE Money Transfer. The registration process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience. Individuals can visit the ACE Money Transfer website or download the ACE Money Transfer mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once on the platform, they can follow the step-by-step instructions to create an account. During registration, participants must provide personal information, including their name, contact details, and valid identification documents. ACE Money Transfer prioritizes the security and privacy of its customers’ information, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality throughout the registration process.

Fee-Free Transfers and Exciting Prizes Await

ACE Money Transfer offers fee-free transfers for all remittances sent to the Philippines as part of this three-month campaign. ACE Money Transfer aims to enhance the value and convenience of sending money to loved ones back home by eliminating transaction fees. This fee waiver allows customers to maximize the amount they send, ensuring that the recipients receive the full intended value of the remittance.

Opportunity to Win a Flagship iPhone 14 Plus

In addition to fee-free transfers, ACE Money Transfer provides an exclusive opportunity for senders to win one of nine iPhone 14 Plus devices. These highly coveted smartphones will be awarded to the senders of remittances, adding an element of excitement to the campaign. Customers who choose ACE Money Transfer for their remittance needs during the promotional period automatically enter the draw, allowing them to own the latest and most sought-after smartphone on the market.

Get to Nominate a Loved One for a Brand-New Honda Click 160 Motorcycle

The campaign extends its generosity beyond rewarding the senders of remittances and offers an opportunity to the recipients. ACE Money Transfer is presenting three brand-new Honda Click 160 Motorcycles as prizes, and the winners will be the senders who nominate a family member or loved one to receive this remarkable gift. This personal touch deepens the emotional connection and joy associated with the campaign, allowing participants to share the excitement of winning with their loved ones.

Participate and Maximize Your Chances of Winning

Participating in this captivating campaign is simple. After completing the registration process with ACE Money Transfer, customers can use the platform to send money to the Philippines during the promotional period from June 1, 2023, to August 31, 2023. Each remittance sent serves as an entry into the prize draw for the iPhone 14 Plus and also qualifies the sender to nominate a recipient for the Honda Click 160 Motorcycle. The more remittances customers send, the higher their chances of winning these incredible prizes.

To help you better understand the promotion and increase your chances of winning, the firm has compiled detailed Terms & Conditions of the campaign for you. Read these terms carefully and participate accordingly.

ACE Money Transfer’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

ACE Money Transfer has always been dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and innovative solutions for international money transfers. By introducing this captivating campaign, the company aims to further enhance the overall customer experience. Offering fee-free transfers and the opportunity to win premium prizes adds value and fosters stronger loyalty among customers. ACE Money Transfer is committed to continuously improving its services and ensuring customers feel appreciated and rewarded for their trust and patronage.

Besides the fee-free transfers and prizes, ACE has certain other benefits, such as:

  • Competitive exchange rates: ACE Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates to ensure customers get the best value for their money.
  • Fast and secure transfers: ACE Money Transfer ensures fast and secure transfers, prioritizing the safety and privacy of customer transactions.
  • Extensive reach: ACE Money Transfer has a vast payout network in the Philippines. 
  • Convenient transfer options: Customers can choose from multiple transfer options, including online bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and Google/Apple Pay.
  • Dedicated customer support: ACE Money Transfer provides dedicated customer support to assist Filipino customers with any queries or concerns they may have throughout the transfer process.
  • User-friendly interfaces: ACE Money Transfer platforms, such as the website and mobile app, are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for customers to initiate and track their transfers.
  • Trustworthy and reputable: ACE Money Transfer is a trusted and reputable money transfer service provider, serving customers worldwide with reliability and integrity.


In conclusion, ACE Money Transfer presents an entire campaign that offers an unparalleled opportunity for Filipino customers to conveniently send money to the Philippines while having the chance to win fabulous prizes. With fee-free transfers, the prospect of winning nine iPhone 14 Plus devices, and the opportunity to nominate a loved one for a brand-new Honda Click 160 Motorcycle, this campaign is designed to captivate and reward the Filipino community. ACE Money Transfer demonstrates its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and engagement by combining the convenience of remittance services with the excitement of winning.

By simplifying the registration process, offering fee-free transfers, and providing a chance to win enticing prizes, ACE Money Transfer ensures that customers have a seamless and rewarding experience. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to send money to the Philippines with ACE Money Transfer. Start participating in the campaign today and make your remittance experience more rewarding. Trust ACE Money Transfer for your remittance needs and enjoy fee-free transfers while standing a chance to win one of the coveted iPhone 14 Plus devices or the opportunity to gift your loved one a brand-new Honda Click 160 Motorcycle.

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