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What are the Most Ugliest Cartoon Characters of All Time?

Popular Ugly Cartoon Characters

When we talk about cartoon and animated characters, the first thing that comes to mind is their beauty and attraction. But what if we tell you that there are some popular ugly cartoon characters with lame and crazy designs? Yes, there are evil designs to achieve the character of a cartoon; some are designed with flaws and crazy outer looks. 

In this article, you will find some ugly and evil cartoon characters in anime and movies. These cartoon characters are developed for their other characteristics rather than focusing on their beauty, appearance, personality, and overall character. 

Most Popular Ugly Cartoon Characters 

This article lists some of the popular ugly cartoon characters. We have listed their flaws, character limitations, and structure. Look at the list and consider why these cartoons are listed as unattractive characters in cartoons and animated worlds. 


Ursula (The Little Mermaid) is one of the main characters of The Little Mermaid. First, it was released by Walt Disney Pictures in 1989. It is a nasty cartoon character ranked as one of the ugliest cartoon characters in history.

Ursula is a half-human and half-octopus character living in the Atlantica kingdom. She has the power to make dreams come true. Her long nails, dark red lipstick, black gown, and unwanted custom make her a nasty character.

Ron Clements and John Musker created Ursula. The sea witch character of the fairy tale inspires this cartoon character. Ruben A. Aquino animates this ugly cartoon character, and Pat Carroll does the voice-over. 

Ursula ugly cartoon character


Jafar is a magical character from the famous cartoon series Aladdin. By using his magic skills, he tries to manipulate the king, also known as the Sultan, to marry his daughter and become the new Sultan of the region.

He is the grand vizier of the Sultan and is one of his most trusted advisors. But he is unhappy with being the second best in the empire and tries to get the magical lamp and rule the country.

His whole character is full of lies. Disney Pictures animate the complete story of Aladdin in the film “Aladdin.” Jonathan Freeman voices Aladdin’s character.

Aladdin’s character also appeared in the sequel of 1994 but not in the 1996 Aladdin film. The main character is inspired by “The Thief of Bagdad.” 

jafar ugly cartoon characters

Squidward Tentacles 

Squidward Tentacles is the main animated character in the famous American TV series SpongeBob SquarePants. His role in the animated series is of an octopus who lives in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom.

Stephen Hillenburg created and designed this character. Similarly, Squidward Tentacles is voiced by Rodger Bumpass, who is also famous for the voice-over of other Squidward Tentacles characters, including the mother of Squidward Tentacles.

According to Bumpass, Squidward Tentacles is a complete package of mixed emotions such as sarcasm, frustration, apoplexy, and annoying nature. 

Squidward Tentacles ugly cartoon character


Scar first appeared in “The Lion King,” a 1994 animated film. His character is mainly greedy, angry, power-hungry, and ruthless. He is Musafa’s younger brother and the ruler of Pride Lands.

Irene Mecchi and the team developed the scar—his anger and power hunger increased when Mufasa’s son suddenly replaced him as the next ruler.

To take revenge on Mufasa’s son Simba, he leads an army to take back the throne by killing Simba and his father. The main Scar the Lion King character is based on King Claudius and is loosely based on Adolf Hitler. 

Scar ugly cartoon

Mr Magoo 

Jim Backus voices Mr. Magoo from “The Ragtime Bear” of 1949. It is a fictional character of an ugly cartoon developed by UPA Animation Studio.

The main character of Mr. Magoo is based on a wealthy retired person who gets into serious situations due to his stubborn behaviour to admit a problem and his mistakes.

Due to the best of luck, he gets through the extreme conditions. His character is developed effectively in other cartoon series, but his ugly look remains the same. Mr Magoo-based cartoon episodes were nominated for OSCARS and alt the ward two ties. 

Mr Magoo ugly cartoon


Shrek is an ugly MEME material cartoon character from the famous TV show. The main character from the movie, Shrek, is not hidden from anyone. It is based on the 1990s children’s book “Shrek.”

The Shrek series is based on a fairy tale, written by Ted Elliott and his team and directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson.

Although Shrek is funny and loves solitude, his look makes him one of the top names of ugly cartoon characters. Shrek is well helped by his friends Donkey (Murphy) and Diaz (Princess Fiona) in the animated comedy film. 

Shrek cartoon ugly character

Edna Mode 

If you know about The Incredibles (2004), then Edna Mode is not a hidden name for you. This fictional character is from Pixar’s most famous superhero film and is a breakout character.

Edna Mode  ugly cartoon

It is not the ugliest fictional character, but comparing it to others, the costume of Edna Mode, also known as Edna “E” Mode, is one of the best superhero costumes.

The overall character of Edna is around science, technology, engineering, and other supernatural activities. It was created by Brad Bird and voiced by Pixar directors. 


Beavis is the famous character from the cartoon series Beavis and Butt-Head. The blond hair and the strange look make Beavis one of the ugly cartoon characters of the modern era.

The character is famous for the Paramount+ series and is voiced by Mike Judge, the show creator. In the animated series Beavis and Butt-Head, Beavis is the son of Shirley Beavis, and his father’s name is Motley Crue.

Beavis cartoon ugly character

In most scenes, Beavis wears a T-shirt with the slogan “Death Rock.” He speaks in a horse voice. Based on his overall style, Beavis can be one of the toppers of ugly cartoon and anime characters. 

Mr Mackey 

Large head, tight tie, big face, long sleeve shirt, and dark pants, Mr. Mackey’s weird look explained. Mr Mackey plays the character of a South Park Elementary school counsellor.

This fictional character comes from the South Park. He teaches classes at the South Park school and is famous for pronouncing “m’kay’ very often.

Actual life events inspire the overall character. While talking about the cartoon characters of ugly actors, Mr. Mackey’s name comes to mind for most fans of cartoon and anime series. 

Mr Mackey ugly cartoon

Uncle Ugo 

Ugo from the “Luca” animated series of 2021 is one of the scariest and ugliest animated characters. He looks like a monster, and his big eyes make him unattractive. His big mouth and teeth are no less than a bad dream.

Uncle Ugo has transparent skin in the series; hence, all his internal organs, such as bones, kidneys, and other parts of his delicate body, are visible.

In the animated series, he is voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen. In the series, Uncle Ugo, his brother, and his uncle live deep in the ocean.  

Uncle Ugo ugly cartoon

Meg Griffin 

Meg Griffin is a famous fictional character from Family Guy. Unlikely other of her family members, she is often ignored and receives almost zero of his family’s attention.

She often listens to and tolerates the abuse of her sisters and brothers. Meg Griffin first appeared in “Death Has a Shadow.” Meg is an insecure girl in the series, and this look makes her an ugly character in cartoons.

Besides this, she is abused by various people in specific ways. Only a student of her school is attracted to Megan Griffin. She often gets angry when bullied too far, but this happens rarely. 

Meg Griffin ugly cartoon girl character

Oogie Boogie 

In the Kingdom Hearts series, Oogie Boogie is mostly found playing gambles and playing with other lives. He works as a villain in the series and is in the shape of a potato sack man who does horrible and inhumane things.

He is also featured in the 1993 Disney animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, where he worked as the main antagonist. 

Oogie Boogie ugly cartoon character


Yzma, a cartoon character in the animated movie titled ‘The Emperor’s New Groove,” is an advisor to Emperor Kuzco. She is a greedy advisor who always seeks to take over the throne.

Her distinctive appearance, such as her sharp cheekbones and dirty purple attire, makes her sarcastic and ugly. She believes in magic and mostly makes schemes of magic and things against Emperor Kuzco.

Although her memorable acting and character in the series make her a famous name, her look makes Yzma one of the ugly characters in cartoons in the modern era. 

Yzma ugly girl cartoon character

Mother Gothel 

Mother Gothel from the cartoon movie “Tangled” is a selfish and cunning character. She is famous for kidnapping Rapunzel, who is the protagonist at the time when she becomes a mother.

After the kidnapping, Mother Gothel keeps Rapunzel in a hidden tower and uses the magic of Rapunzel’s hair to keep herself beautiful and forever young.

She acts protective towards Rapunzel, but in reality, she uses Rapunzel for her benefit through magic. Mother Gothel is full of magical power but uses it for bad things. She uses such techniques throughout the cartoon series.

Mother Gothel ugly girl cartoon character


Rasputin is a famous villain from their favourite cartoon film “Anastasia.” In the series, he always seeks revenge against Anastasia, a royal family member. He is shown as an ugly, dark, and cunning cartoon character.

The main goal of his life is to remove Anastasia and ensure the end of Romanov. In the series, he has some magical power, and he uses this for dark desires such as becoming a rightful member of the royal family. 

Rasputin ugly cartoon

Queen of Hearts 

The Queen of Hearts is a famous cartoon character from the anime film “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” With her supernatural capabilities, she is the ruler of Wonderland.

She is portrayed as short-tempered, irrational, demanding, and ruling the Wonderland with fear. Her exaggerated reactions and strange behaviour make her a comical character.

Queens of Hearts’ contribution to Wonderland was to create chaos and an unpredictable environment in the country. Her bad habits make her a nasty and ugly character who is disliked by most of the people. 

Queen of Hearts ugly cartoon characters

Sideshow Bob 

In the popular animated TV show “The Simpsons.”, Sideshow Bob is one of the main characters. Kelsey Grammer voices this famous character. In the cartoon TV show, Bob is intelligent yet harbours a vendetta against Bart Simpson.

His evil schemes are not hidden from anyone. In the series, he is famous for saying Shakespearean quotes and criminality. Bart’s outside factors often expose his evil plans to harm Bart.

He appeared in most of the Simpsons episodes. He is one of the most memorable villains of the series, full of intelligence, evil desires, eloquence, and ongoing sinister schemes against Bart Simpsons. 

Sideshow Bob ugly cartoon character

Madame Medusa 

Cunning, manipulative, cruel, greedy, and unsupportive are the main characteristics of Madame Medusa in the cartoon film “The Rescuers.” She is the primary cartoon charters of the film, but to gain her interest, she always does in-human things.

For example, one time in the movie, to get a valuable diamond, she kidnaps an orphan kid, Penny. She forces Penny down a pirate’s cave to get the diamond. She is also accompanied by Mr. Snoops, who is her henchman. Medusa even mistreats Mr. Snoops. Her look shows her exaggerated features and her low sense of fashion. 

Madame Medusa ugly cartoon character

Cruella De Vil 

While discussing cruel villains and ugly cartoon characters, Cruella De Vil is one of the top contenders. Her rule in most of Disnay’s films, such as “101 Dalmatians,” is not hidden from anyone.

Cruella De Vil is a wealthy and obsessive woman who is selfish and less respectful towards animals. Shows her character from her name, “Cruel” and ‘Devil.”

These two words from her expression show her ugly character. Her black and white hair, costume, and cigarette holder add salt to the wounds. Throughout the film story, Cruella De Vil is framed as a cruel character, especially for Dalmatian puppies. 

Cruella De Vil cartoon ugly character

Hey Arnold

Hey, Arnold is the most famous character among cartoon fans. From the 1990s to the early 2000s, Hey Arnold was found in most cartoon TV shows. Although he is a soft-hearted, optimistic, and straightforward boy, his football-shaped head makes his outer appearance ugly.

Hey, Arnold lives in a fictional city in a boarding school with his parents. He is always ready to help others and is often shown as a problem solver for most of his friends. Due to his soft-hearted nature, he is respected in society.

He always does the right things, even in challenging situations. His capabilities are the best, but his outer look could be better. 

Hey Arnold ugly cartoon character

Final Words; 

The above list shows some of the most popular yet ugly cartoon characters. These are ugly characters in terms of their body and film rules, but you should remember that nature and directors demand them to be ugly.

For example, most villains are ugly cartoon characters, but their role in the animated film requires them to be ugly rather than kind and supportive to others. At the same time, some characters are designed to be ugly on purpose.

For example, Shrek and the other characters could have been designed and developed to be cuter and cuter. Cartoon films are a form of entertainment, and regardless of their look, one should enjoy the overall quality of a character. 

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