Why Is It a Good Idea to Outsource Retail Software Development Services?

Benefits of Hiring On-Demand Software Developers

The retail industry has been booming since the pandemic. Everyone is shopping, paying, and browsing online, and you want to get into the game. This begs the question: Should you outsource your retail software development services to another company or attempt to handle everything in-house? 

The answer is going to depend on your unique requirements. Custom retail software development can be an arduous and expensive process, and contrary to popular belief, doing it in-house won’t be cheaper. It’s quite the opposite.

Hiring and maintaining an in-house team for retail software solutions development is very costly. Local developers command high payment rates. Buying and upgrading development tools, paying taxes, getting licenses, and even paying recruitment fees can be quickly cut into your profits before you’ve made any. 

What Outsourced Retail Software Development Services Can I Get?

You can delegate virtually everything to offshore developers, including custom software development for retailers focused on your customers’ needs. They can also provide software maintenance and support, operations (including maintaining your data centre and database), technical support, and even security and data recovery. They will also be responsible for network and web hosting maintenance. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Outsourced Agencies for Custom Retail Software Development Solutions

Most businesses choose to hire a retail software development company offshore. Let’s look at the reasons they prefer offshoring and outsourcing over in-house teams.

1. It’s Cheaper

You can cut your development costs down by 50-60% or even more if you use outsourcing. It sounds crazy, but local developers charge a premium compared to other countries. A developer might charge $100 per hour in the US, whereas a developer in Ukraine charges $40 for the same work. They have the same seniority and experience, but the market is different in the US. Eastern Europe, South Asia, and Latin American developers are highly skilled but willing to work for lower rates. If you are using an agency, you won’t have to pay for bonuses, sick leave, time off, or other perks that full-time employees require. You also don’t have to pay for office space or equipment, and if you don’t need the team anymore, you can let them go without severance, per your contract. 

2. Offshoring Provides Focus 

You shouldn’t spend all your time doing interviews, checking credentials, reading through CVs, and dealing with recruiters. You want to get to market as soon as possible, with the best possible solution. Delegating the recruitment to an agency allows you to focus on your core business while the agency does the hard work of assembling the right team for you. You can also rest assured that the team will develop your software on deadline, leaving you to focus on the tasks that matter. 

3. Speed Up Your Time to Market

Outsourcing development teams allow you to get to market faster. The quicker your product can launch, the better. There’s less chance of competitors entering the market with a similar idea, and you can start making profits soon. If you use an outsourced team, you’ll gain an experienced, senior team used to complex environments, challenges, and working to strict deadlines.

They’ll be contracted to meet your timeline, which means they will do the necessary work as you need it. 

4. Access the Latest and Greatest Skills and Tech 

Many countries have decided to specialize in upskilling their IT staff, which is why you find some of the best developers with the best equipment offshore. If you want to stay up to date with the latest technological advances and remain competitive, this is the way to go. Your agency has a network of highly skilled, dedicated teams on their books. They are ready to get started with your project, using their experience by building similar apps or websites. 

5. Scale Up or Down

You may need a lot of developers in the early stage, but only a few to do maintenance once it’s complete. Outsourcing allows you to scale up or down accordingly. You can activate more developers when you need them and let the others work on other projects when you don’t. This allows you to operate at optimal levels, according to your needs, without paying for downtime.

Outsourcing retail software development services make sense! Save money, save time and build the right solution by outsourcing your software developers. 

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