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Why Can’t You Change Your PFP on TikTok? 7 Ways to Fix It

Why Can't You Change Your PFP on TikTok

Most of the users face issues while uploading their profile pictures on TikTok. This issue is 100% associated with the data servers of TikTok and not with the end user’s photos. If you can’t change, update or remove the TikTok pfp, you are not the only one. Unfortunately, in recent times, this issue has been at its peak. 

Another issue with the TikTok profile photo is that even after successfully uploading the TikTok pfp, users still see the default TikTok pfp on profiles. Also, some users face the error message saying, “Profile Photo/video updates are not possible. Thanks for your patience!”. 

In the case of this error message, the issue is with the TikTok server, which cannot connect with your system and update your photo. Another type of server connectivity error is that you will see an error message saying, “no internet connection. 

Connect to the internet and try again”. This internet connectivity issue is also associated with TikTok and not with the speed of the internet of the end-users. What is the Main Reason for the TikTok PFP Problem According to some sources, some bots were in action for uploading a bundle of photos at once, and as a result, TikTok took this action? 

After banning the bots, many legitimate users also come on their radar, so they are unable to change their TikTok PFP. 

Due to this global problem of TikTok, here we have composed a detailed guide containing eight different solutions for your TikTok profile picture not uploading or showing. You can apply these fixes to any operating system, i.e., iPhone, Android, or Windows. 

Restart TikTok App

If you can change my profile pic on TikTok, the most common solution is restart the TikTok app. Sometimes the smartphone RAM does not allow you to make further changes, so it will most probably resolve the issue after restarting the app. To correctly resume the TikTok app, you must remove it first from the recently used apps. 

Check Your Internet Connection 

If you cannot upload or change the Tiktok profile photo, then there might be a chance that you have an unstable internet connection installed. To check if there is an issue with the internet connection, open the website in the browser and do a speed test. If the internet connection speed is slow, restart the router and check if the issue gets resolved. You may also use the support option to reach your internet provider; they will also guide you in determining the problem or will make some changes at their end.

Check Server Status of Tiktok 

When there is no proper response from the server, you will be unable to change your profile photo on Tiktok. In recent times, server connectivity has been the most common issue. To check server issues, go to online TikTok forums on Twitter and Reddit and check if other people are also facing the same problem. If other users face the same problems, you can’t do anything about it; wait for a few hours until the server is back to action. 

You can also use online tools to check if there is any glitch in the server. helps to find the real time status of any website. You can enter TikTok URL in this tool and check the Heatmap and comments about the server problem.

Another option to keep an eye on the TikTok updates and server status is to follow their Twitter profile on @tikTokSupport. They share the latest updates on their Twitter handler.  

Try Uploading Different Profile Photo 

Due to the too many bots uploading random content on Tiktok, it is hard to upload a random photo on your profile. So, it is recommended to use a different picture in this case, and it is not against the community guidelines. If the image you are uploading is inappropriate for all users, try to change it to a decent one and retry. 

Disable VPN Connection 

If you are using a VPN for some purposes, you must know that VPN always slows down the internet speed. If you have a VPN enabled and want to upload or change your profile photo, it is good to do it without a VPN. Also, if you can’t disable the VPN connection, you should use a premium VPN, not the free one. 

Uninstall and Reinstall Tiktok 

If Tiktok is not letting you change pfp, you should try it in the new setup. Uninstall the app and try reinstalling it on your smartphone. The new setup will remove all the error files, and you will be able to upload your favorite photo as a profile picture. To remove the Tiktok app on Android or iOS, press the Tiktok app icon and select the “Uninstall” or “Remove App” option. In this way, Tiktok will be removed from your system. Now go to the play store(Android) or App Store(iOS) to reinstall it. 

Take Help from the Tiktok Support Team 

The final option for resolving the TikTok profile picture not uploading issue is to use official support. Go to and contact them regarding your query. On the support page, you need to provide all the details related to your TikTok account, and after some time, they will contact you with the best possible solution. 

Final Words

Why can’t you change my pfp on TikTok? The above-detailed guide shows that it is all from TikTok and not an issue on the user’s end. You can also check the quality of your internet and restart the TikTok app. Also, if the VPN is the source of connectivity to Tiktok, try to disable VPN and access TikTok without a VPN. Also, check for online forums to check the issue and learn about the opinion of other people.

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