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How to Fix Halo Infinite Crashing on PC [Updated Guide 2022]

How to Fix Halo Infinite Crashing on PC

If your Halo Infinite is crashing on PC, this guide will help you resolve the issue. The Halo Infinite shooter new game comes with some new stunning features that most gamers like. However, besides the new features, some problems related to rashing on PC were reported by some gamers. 

If the same is the case with you, then this guide is here to resolve the Halo Infinite crashing issues on gaming PC. This guide contains a list of solutions to help you enjoy playing new shooter games on PC. 

Crashing of Halo Infinite on PC is a common problem in these games. Suppose your PC keeps on crashing while playing Halo. In that case, it might be due to some infected Windows files, a configuration issue, or the misconfigured drivers that might cause Halo Infinite crashing. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s look at the quick fixes for Halo infinite crashing on pc. 

Check for Windows Updates

Windows PC must be without pending updates for a smooth application to run. Whenever your operating system releases an update, it must be installed without unnecessary delay. 

To install updates on a PC, follow these steps. 

  • Open the Settings app on Windows by pressing the Windows key + I simultaneously. 
  • Click on Update & Security Icon from the bottom of the page 
  • Now click on “Check for Updates.” 
  • If there is any pending update, the system will ask for your permission; your system will be restarted once the updates are installed.
  • After the system restart, click on the gameplay and check if the issue is resolved. 

If the issue is still existing, then jump to the next solution.

System Restart 

Most of the time, Halo crashing on PC occurs when the system is not booted correctly. So, after restarting the system, the proper boot of Windows will resolve the crashing of Halo Infinite on the PC. To continue the system, follow these steps.  

  • To reboot your PC, press Windows Key 
  • Navigate to “Power”  
  • Click on the “Restart” option to reboot the system 
  • Make sure to close all the running applications before restarting the PC 
  • After restarting, check the gameplay to see if the error is gone. 

If the issue is still there, then move to the next solution. 

Update Graphic Card on PC 

Halo Infinite requires a dedicated graphics card in the best condition. If Halo Infinite keeps crashing on your PC, update the graphic drivers from your computer’s Device Manager. 

Below given guide will help you to update drivers on your PC 

  • Open the control panel by pressing the Windows key + R 
  • Open “Device Manager” 
  • Click on Display adapters and look for the graphic driver 
  • Right-click on the graphic card driver and click on the “Update driver” option from the popup

Now check if the Halo Infinite crash issue is resolved. If the problem is still there, look at the next given solution. 

Disable Full Screen Optimization 

There is a feature in Windows that supports applications requiring a full screen. Some users think that full-screen optimization slows down the system. To be safe, try turning off this feature and check that the Halo issue of crashing is resolved. 

  • On Steam Engine, open the Library. 
  • Now right, click on the “Halo Infinite.” 
  • Select Properties 
  • Now go to “Local Files” and click on the “Browse” button 
  • From the list, right-click on the “HaloInfinite” icon and then select a property 
  • A popup window will open; check the “Disable fullscreen optimizations” and click on “Change high DPI settings.”  
  • A screen will open where you have to click on “Override high DPI scaling behavior” after checking this option, click on the “OK” button to save changes. 
  • In the next step, you need to restart your PC

After restarting the PC, open Halo Infinite if the issue is resolved; if the problem is still there, don’t worry; here is the next solution. 

Varify Game Integrity 

To run and play a game in the best way, you have to ensure that its files are accurate and running smoothly. To ensure this, game updates should be up to date. Follow the steps to make sure the game’s integrity.  

  • Open Steam Go to Library 
  • Click the right button on Halo Infinite. 
  • Now select Properties. Click on “Local Files” from the left menu 
  • Now click on “Varify Integrity of game files.” 
  • Wait for some time for the verification process.
  • Once the process is completed, restart the game and check if the issue is resolved. 

If Halo Infinite keeps crashing, look at the next possible solution. 

Check DLC 

Halo Infinite comes with various DLCs. Some of the DLCs may not work in certain conditions. If this is the issue, then here is the solution to fix it. 

  • Open Steam and go to “Library.” 
  • Now right, click on “Halo Infinite” and select “Properties.” 
  • Now click on “DLC,” Look for “Multiplayer High-Res Textures,” and uncheck this.
  • Restart the game and check if the crashing issue on Halo Infinite is resolved. 

Update Halo Infinite 

If the above solutions do not work for you, one of the final solutions is to remove Halo Infinite from your system and reinstall it. 

To do so, follow these steps; 

  • Go to Steam client and open Library. 
  • Now click on “Halo Infinite” and go down to “Manage.” 
  • Now from the next screen, click on “Uninstall.” 
  • After reinsallating it, 
  • Restart the PC and then go to the Steam store to reinstall it. 

It will help you resolve the Halo Infinite crashing on PC. 

Disable CPU Overclocking 

Most gamers overclock their CPU for better game performance, but sometimes it causes game crash problems. For heavy games like Halo Infinite, disable the CPU overclocking for fixing Halo Infinite crashing. 

  • Open Bios by pressing the F5, F8, or F2 key on the boot time of your PC 
  • Go to Advanced and then select the Performance option 
  • Look for overclocking and disable it from the mouse or arrow buttons of the keyboard 
  • Press ESC or F10 key on the keyboard to save changes and then exit from BIOS settings 

Now check if the issue is resolved or still exists. This is the final solution, and it should work in most cases. 

Final Words 

Now you might have got the question of why does Halo infinite keep crashing on PC; all the possible causes are mentioned in the guide. Also, various solutions or Halo infinite c cracking are proposed for our readers.

The two best solutions that worked for most of our readers are reinstalling the Halo and changing overclocking in the BIOS. Hopefully, you must have resolved the issue on your PC and now enjoying gameplay without interruption. If you have any questions regarding this guide, please feel free to ask us, and our experts will guide you in the best possible way.  


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