What to play in Roblox | Best Games to Play on Roblox in 2022

What to play in Roblox

“Minecraft and Little Big Planet” in the browser – that’s precisely what you can say about Roblox. This is an online constructor where everyone can try themselves as a game developer. Tools for work are provided quite simply because even a child can create small worlds where absolutely anyone can play.

 However, not all children and adults want to do this. Some find it much easier to enjoy the gameplay. They do not care about the possibilities of Roblox as a constructor. Rather – low system requirements, allowing you to play projects created by people even on a “potato” PC and laptop. And you don’t have to sell iPhone 13 for cash to buy a new excellent computer. The developers are trying to make the games accessible to everyone. 

Simulations, RPGs, action games, and adventures – you can find everything your heart desires on a platform like Roblox.

What is ROBLOX, and why is it so good?

Roblox is an online designer with a wide range of features that you can use to create your world. You can do anything, from a simple house to challenging obstacle courses.

 By creating an avatar directly in the browser, the player can expect to launch any project that can be found in the Roblox repository. The computer’s power is not so important – the system requirements are pretty modest.

One of the best games.  

  • One popular yet extremely original game from the Roblox store is Natural Disaster Survival, which appeared in June 2008.

 As in any other “battle royale,” the player needs to save his character’s life. To do this, you need to prepare for the fact that you will have to look for shelter in an attempt to escape constantly. True, the game is made in such a way as to “smoke out” such “campers” and force them to take active actions – move, communicate, hide in some shelter, having previously checked it.

 As an enemy, the character will encounter a variety of natural disasters, each of which is explicitly designed to kill you.

  • Super Bomb Survival!! One example of “survival games” is a fairly common genre in Roblox. The game itself is not too inferior in popularity to another project already mentioned earlier – Natural Disaster Survival.

 In this place, the main task of the player is to get to the finish line and at the same time try to avoid all sorts of threats from the earth and sky.

 Airborne threats range from simple dynamite explosions to large fires. Interestingly, all possible ways to harm the players gradually increase their potential. For example, the eruption becomes more powerful, spreading the fire further.

 From the sky, the player can receive dangerous and valuable items. They help with health, give loans, or speed up skills recovery.

 In Super Bomb Survival!! Events are held, which are activated when selecting an icon. The picker receives 15 credits and starts one of the events.

 Bomb explosion, fire, and other ways to exit the game – it’s not over yet. After the defeat, the player becomes a spectator.

 Super Bomb Survival!! It can cause delight or even euphoria from the gameplay component. Anyone will like the feeling when it is possible to avoid all the dangerous moments and reach the end on the way to the finish line.

  • SCUBA DIVING AT QUILL LAKE game, unlike most places found in Roblox, does not have any hint of a shooter. There is no need to kill anyone and generally perform any such actions. The player only needs to travel across the lake.

 The project turned out to be extremely calm and soothing in its gameplay component. It can be recommended not only to children but also to their parents.

 The meaning of this game is to search for treasures in the lake. However, not all places are available immediately. Some of them are closed and to hit, and you need to use either a flashlight or improved equipment and pumping skills to visit the territories located deep below the lake.

 Once on the island, the player can see unique shops where you can buy various equipment. For example, scuba gear increases the maximum amount of air – after all, the more it is, the easier it is to dive to a greater depth or stay longer on the water’s surface. You can also buy flashlights there, with which it is easier to view what is at a depth where it is always dark by default. Boats are also sold there – they are responsible for faster movement from one place to another.

 The player on the boat floats to a particular place. There he, already dressed in scuba gear, plunges into the water and goes in search of treasure. Everything is simple.


There are many custom games on Roblox, and each of them can attract potential fans. To date, all the places discussed in this article can be considered the best. It is easy to find everything that Roblox users who launch the application are waiting for.  

Developers improve games, apply updates from adb it is possible in each game, and it is straightforward.

Games should be evaluated independently to choose the most exciting option for yourself.

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