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A website is an indispensable tool in your business that will help you:

  • Sell and support customers non-stop lunch breaks and weekends;
  • Organize and control your processes;
  • Understand how your customers behave and how they make decisions;
  • Create a new service for your customers – a personal account, online payments, order tracking and much more;
  • Reduce maintenance costs.

Now more and more business processes go online. Business cards without a website address or email address are rare. The network is becoming the main source of lead generation and customer service tools.

Real estate website development company. What are the features?

The main feature of developing a website for a real estate agency is a large catalogue of real estate objects and the ability to quickly and flexibly search through it. Real estate should be searched for according to different parameters – area, area, type, etc.

An important additional factor is a convenient system of mass uploading of real estate objects to the portal.

A more advanced option is to provide large Customers and Sellers with the ability to programmatically access the real estate catalogue through the API, which will speed up the processes and reduce their costs. It will be easier for them to work with you.

SMS notifications, Telegram, various tariffs for site users.

A client came, but nothing came up? Allow the client to receive email notifications when a suitable new real estate option is available.

The main stages of developing a website for a real estate agency

At the same time, work on a project implies the following stages:

  • Creation of the project concept

Created by the client independently or in cooperation with the performer. Includes answers to the following questions: Who will be the target audience, what is the product, what will be the business model of the site, the main services of the site, roles in the system and structure. It may also include more specific points related to your subject area.

  • Creation of technical specifications

The Terms of Reference (TOR) defines a detailed description of what needs to be done as part of the site’s development. It is based on the technical specification that the exact cost of the work is determined.

  • Development project by stages

After writing the technical task, a contract is concluded for the development of the project engine. The TK is the basis for the contract, which determines the timing and cost of work.

It is better to break the project into 4-5 stages. This minimizes project risks and gives you better control over the progress of the project.

The project can track the following metrics: what has been done, what is new for the project, what tasks are in progress.

  • Commissioning

This stage is often overlooked. Namely, it depends on how smoothly it will be possible to integrate the site into your business processes.

A whole range of different works characterizes this stage: correct server configuration, automatic creation of backups of site data, monitoring site parameters, changing test settings to combat, SEO audit, checking content on the site, creating DEV and PROD versions, general testing, personnel training.

  • Maintenance and development

Having developed a site once, do not think that now it will always be so. The site must constantly evolve and change in step with your business:

  1. New ideas,
  2. New needs,
  3. Feedback from consumers.

It is a continuous, iterative process of improvement. This is the only way to make a precious online tool for your business using trends in web development 2021.

What support includes:

  • server maintenance (hosting is not the best option for a large site)
  • creation of new modules for the site (web programming)
  • adding new content to the site (articles, text, products, promotional materials)
  • web analytics
  • optimization of advertising
  • search engine promotion.
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