Top 5 Screen Printing Software

screen printing software

Screen printing designs can be a tough process that requires the support of great screen printing software. The better the software that you’re using, the more your screen printing efforts will improve in both quality and efficiency. Although things like screen printing order software and pricing software are important, in order to use them you first have to actually create the designs and print them.

Although there is a lot of software out there that can help you through this process, a few of them separate themselves from the pack and stand out as high quality. So what is the best screen printing software to use? Here are the top 5 screen printing software. 

Top 5 Screen Printing Software


When screen printing software is discussed, the Adobe Suite is commonly the first software to be brought up. Adobe Illustrator, in particular, has separated itself from the pack as a premiere piece of design software, becoming one of the top types of design software in the world.

The software offers a slew of features that many others don’t, allowing for some truly amazing and awe-inspiring creations. However, the quality and brand recognition doesn’t come cheap, as Illustrator is more expensive than some of the screen printing software on the market. However if you can afford it, then Illustrator is a top choice for all of your screen printing needs. 


If Illustrator is a little too expensive for you, there are other options available. One of the best budget options that you can go with is Inkscape. Inkscape is entirely free, so you don’t have to worry about the software breaking the bank.

That being said, Inkscape also doesn’t offer as many features or the same quality that programs like Illustrator can provide. However, if you’re looking for a great budget option then Inkscape could be the perfect choice for you.


Another great free option that you can go with is GIMP. GIMP is similar to Inkscape in a lot of ways, as both are free options with a large community of artists behind them. One advantage that GIMP may have over other options is its extreme customizability and versatility.

That being said, compared to high-quality options like Illustrator, GIMP is definitely lacking in features. However, if you don’t want to shell out a lot of cash for software, GIMP could be a good choice for you to pick up. 

GraffixPro Studio

While other software on this list are either graphics software or photo editing programs, GraffixPro is specifically made with designing T-shirts in mind. As a result, this may be an easier option for beginners, as they won’t have to burden themselves with the complicated intricacies that other programs have.

That being said, GraffixPro definitely lacks some of the features and versatility that actual graphics software has, and the software still has a price tag. However, if you’re looking to strictly design T-shirts and don’t want to spend time learning other programs, GraffixPro can be a solid option. 


For people that are just getting into the vast world of screen printing, CorelDraw may be the best option. While other programs may have more features, these features complicate the learning process and can be difficult to grasp if you don’t already have an understanding of the basics.

However, CorelDraw has a relatively easy-to-grasp learning curve, making it the perfect software for newcomers. However, CorelDraw does have an expensive price tag much like the Adobe Suite, meaning that if you’re looking for a budget option you’ll have to look elsewhere. 

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