Tips for Using Emojis in Business Text Messages

Tips for Using Emojis in Business Text Messages

Based on a study, using emojis in your posts or text messages help in converting the leads more than a flat text message. Emojis are simple, creative, and fun to communicate with customers and also helps in business engagement. 

In modern days, the use of emojis is increasing at a rapid speed. From regular conversion, the use of emojis is shifted towards business communication. But its use should be selective in business conversion. It means you should be careful while using emojis, as in some cases, it may not be a good idea to include emojis in text messages. This article will talk about some essential elements and tips that you should keep in mind while using emojis in business text messages.

Use Positive Emojis 

It is always recommended to stay away from negative emojis such as emojis for dislike, sad behaviour, or laughing. It is the best tactic never to use emojis that provide negative sentiments. Emojis use for negative sentiments will negatively impact your business partners (both clients and business leads). It would be best if you used a thumb up emoji when you want to appreciate someone. This will instantly make your message looks positive and more friendly.  

Go for Common Emojis

Using the most commonly used emojis help you to communicate better with your customers. Opting for emojis regularly used by others is your best tactic to engage your readers with your brand/service. The use of common emojis also means that your customers can understand the message better, and hence there are chances to convert them easily. 

Based on research, around 50% of the 20 most used emojis in texting are based on the facial category. Text messages are more often based on conversation, unlikely other means of communication. 

You can use some emojis tracking tools for finding the trending emojis at the moment. Also, you can use tools like mobilimeet to read text messages on someone’s mobile. 

Understand Your Audience

Before sending a text message, but right from business strategy making, it is important to keep an eye on your audience insights and their choices—each business and brand targets different audiences with different choices and nature. When sending a text message to your audience with added emojis, make sure you have an idea what are the sentiments of your targeted audience. 

You need to know the preferences of your brand audience. If you have not used emojis and want to introduce them now, then don’t add too many in a single text message; rather, go for the waterfall model. This means you have to start with fewer emojis and gradually increase the number after seeing the reaction of your customers/audience. If you see that your customers rely more on traditional text messages, you can increase the number. 

Also, after introducing emojis, you have to organize and group your readers. There are chances that various groups might be there within your audience. Each group always have their own preferences. If you understand your audience, then it means you have achieved your business goals. 

Use Emojis When Required

Some individuals use the only emojis to convey their messages while communicating with others. It might be a good idea in personal communication, but it may not be a successful idea for business conversation. If you use emojis instead of plain text, it will be hard for your audience to decode and read the message. Replacing plain words with emojis will negatively impact your brand, leading to low business conversions. 

Final Words 

Using these advanced business texting tips will help you to use emojis within the message to improve, make it interesting and convert business leads in no time. The use of emojis is not a good idea in each case. You need to be selective and keep your audience in mind while using emojis in your communion with your business partners and potential customers. 

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