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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do with a VPN

7 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do with a VPN

We are living in the age where on one hand technology is blessing us with the most profitable gifts and luxury for our comfort and ease, but on the other hand, it is also being used to make some great violations and data hacking on the internet world especially.

The problems with the data escaping have become one of the biggest problems of this time, which is why it is mandatory for everyone, especially the large organizations and other highly operating fields to select the best solution to secure their data online.

VPN has been proved as one of the most influential and advantageous solutions that have been helping millions of human beings all around the world to create their online security.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or you can say a Virtual Private Network is considered as a secured tunnel that bridges the gap between your device and the internet that you use. The basic use of the VPNs is to provide the ultimate protection for the user’s online traffic from any kind of interference, snooping, and even censorship.

It is really helpful in hiding the IP and the location of the user, no matter where ever they are using the internet. It creates the shield and protects all the data from getting leaked or shared on the internet. There are so many companies that are working in the development of the VPNs to provide a better experience for users all around the globe.

Although every web development company makes it certain that VPN does not easily work on their developed sites, but so is the VPN companies are striving to provide access to all the blocked sites for the users, and as well as other salient features.

7 Things You Can Do with VPN

With so many beneficial aspects of the VPN, the fact is highly acceptable that it is one of the most useful tools if anyone wishes to wander on the internet world. Some people even after learning the advantages of VPN, only assume that they are helpful in securing your identity online, whereas others only believe that they are useful in working remotely.

However, there are some other most astonishing facts that are also associated with the VPN that many people are not entirely aware of. In this article, you will be taught about some of the unknown realities about the use of VPN that most of the world does not know about. Discussed below is the precise information of the most mind-blowing facts related to VPN.

1. It Helps in Preventing Websites from Tracking a Person’s Information

It has become a very common practice that if a person visits any website and fill out any type of form, then their data gets recorded without letting the user know about it. Even on social media platforms, these practices are very common. VPN protects all types of data of the user, and this is the main reason that it is highly reliable for everyone to use.

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2. Streaming a Movie from Websites Is No More an Issue

There are some websites that are operated from different regions of the world, and they sometimes ban users from streaming videos or movies online. With the help of the VPN, a user can easily visit such sites, and with the help of anonymity and different IP and location, they can simply watch the movies by streaming online. VPN truly helps people all across the world to maintain their entertainment in their leisure time with ease.

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3. Helps to Get Access to the Apps That Are Restricted in Certain Countries

VPNs are also available for the smartphones to not only get access to the websites that are blocked but also to download the applications on the mobile phones that are not available in the specific region. It often happens that people need to get some essential mobile apps for their personal or professional use, but due to some restrictions, they are not able to download it. With the help of a VPN, they can easily get hold of that application and proceed with their work.

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4. Very Helpful in Connecting Your School’s Network from Home

As the VPN is beneficial for the business to get connected to their database and share files remotely, it is also very helpful for the students to link up with the school’s network from home and can easily get access to their work or files without any difficulty. It is indeed a fascination that VPN is not only suitable for the elders to avail the benefits, but also very assisting for the kids.

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5. Watch YouTube Videos That Are Blocked in Your Country Easily

It has been observed on a very large scale that some countries do not allow the users to get full access to all the YouTube videos. In fact, there are some countries in the world that do not even allow users to get access to YouTube’s website at all. VPN surely plays a very significant role in making YouTube, and it’s content available in every other country. You can have the VPN connection, and with its help, you can visit the website easily and check out all the videos even though they are blocked in your region.

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6. Saves You from Getting Hacked Specifically

Since VPN plays a vital role in protecting your identity and as well as helps you to use the internet anonymously, it is safe to say that VPN has been a great shield for all of its users from getting hacked at any place. Also, VPNs connections are helpful in securing your shared data, so hackers can never get able to steal any of your information online.

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7. Provides Ease to Shop Online in Other Countries Where the Sites Are Blocked

There are some online stores that are only reachable in a few places, and people from other countries cannot possibly shop from there. Although, we all know that there are millions of stuff that are sometimes needed urgently and are not available in your own country, so VPN could help in getting access to all those e-commerce websites. With a different and regional IP that it created for the users, it gets easy for a person to visit the online store, browse through their items, and also make a purchase without any hurdle.

Pros of VPN

It is obvious that internet is evidently not a very secure place, and many times in the past, it has been observed that users face problems with the violation of their data over the internet and had also faced some other irritating issues online. With the help of VPN, many of such issues have been resolved to a great extent. Some of the ultimate benefits of using the VPN are listed below.

Enhanced the User’s Online Security

It has been proved as the best asset to secure all the online data of the user from getting leaked to anywhere else. Not just by random sites, but VPN also protects the date from Google as well. All the data of the user is kept secure and highly encrypted, saving everything from hacker’s eyes.

Can Be Operated Remotely

Some companies have a very secured internet, and it gets so difficult when a person needs to access to the data remotely from anywhere else or from their home. The vital benefit of VPN is that it allows the users to access the information remotely, causing the companies to increase their productivity in many ways.

File Sharing Is Protected

Among all the other benefits, the best use of the VPN is that a person can easily share their files with someone else in the group, and since all the data is highly secured the shared files also gets high protection.

Provides Online Anonymity

Another most amazing advantage of using a VPN is that it is highly helpful for the users to crawl through the internet without even showing their true identity. It often leads the websites to recognize the same user as two different people. It is the best in showing providing complete anonymity to the users.

Provides Access to the Blocked Sites

It gets really very difficult for people to get access to the websites that have the block content at the time of needs. You sit somewhere for doing research and does not the permission to get through the information shared on the website. So, VPN is there to rescue your day, as it helps a user by providing the entrance on a blocked website.

Helpful in Reducing the Costs

People often make a decision to go for the cheaper solutions and get free VPNs, which are obviously not the best since it does not provide any beneficial features. However, there are some VPN service providers that cost you a fair amount at the time of providing you the connection, but the maintenance cost is really low and affordable by everyone.

Boost Up Performance

Another fact that cannot be denied about the VPN is that once the VPN solution is implemented to a user’s system, the bandwidth and efficiency of the network usually gets all boost up.

Felt Safe to Use Any Device

VPN is really great in securing more than one device at the same time, and it sure feels a lot safer to use the internet for your personal and professional use on any device with the maximum security.


With so many countless benefits that have been discussed in this article, it has been proved that the value of VPN is undeniable. Although, it is also very important that a person should select the VPN very wisely because it is not necessary that every VPN provides the same quality service as the other.

It is true that some VPN services cost the users a certain amount of money, but it would be a better option to pay a small amount and get the much better quality VPN to secure your internet and other online activities.

The most common mistake that people commit while choosing the VPN is that they do not look out the package or features that the VPN company offers, and they straightforwardly select the VPN package that is cheaper.

It would be a big fault to select the VPN on the basis of its cost. The best and most appropriate way to select the VPN is by taking reviews from the people and see what the service providers are offering.


Another noticeable point about the VPN is that it could also happen that from time-to-time, a VPN can also have some connection drops, but there is nothing to be worried about, as they are completely normal.

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