4 Things to Know When Downloading Video From YouTube

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A few years ago, downloading a video from YouTube was tough because of its strict guidelines. Now, with the help of several tools and techniques, one can easily download a YouTube video for free. The reason why a lot of people prefer downloading from YouTube is that it is the largest video platform on the web.

Secondly, you can easily download a video of different qualities. However, there are still many things that you probably don’t know about downloading a video from YouTube. So here, in this feature, we will guide you through them. Continue reading till the end:

Not All YouTube Videos Are Free

Not to forget, with several web series and films being available on this platform, the uploaders will require you to pay a fee for downloading videos from their channel. This means a large part of YouTube content is paid.

Although you can enjoy free videos as well, there is a price that comes with good quality content. So if you get stuck while downloading a video from YouTube, check if the content is paid. Install Ummy downloader on your phone to download YouTube videos for free.

Quality is Compromised

Even if you’re downloading a YouTube video that is as high as 1080 p in terms of quality, a part of its resolution will get compromised during the download process. A lot of people complain of the quality deteriorating after the download is complete.

So if you think you’ll get what is being shown on the screen, you’re probably fooling yourself. The video quality of any video online can only be maintained if it is being copied. Now that you’re downloading it from YouTube, there’s no reason to stand firm on expecting the quality to be top-notch.

YouTube Videos Get Saved in The Official App

In simple words, every YouTube video that you download through the app will get saved in it. This means a downloaded YouTube video will never be visible in the gallery, although it will use the memory of your phone but will only make its way in the official app.

Many people get confused when they start looking for a downloaded YouTube video in their phone storage or memory card. If you want to download a YouTube video in your gallery, it is best to use Ummy Youtube Downloader to consume as much content as you want. This downloader can easily suffice for your needs and enables you to download the video through its link easily.

You Cannot Download Every YouTube Video

Although, video downloaders enable you to consume as much content as you want, however, there are still many videos that aren’t downloadable at all. Even if you are using the top-notch video downloader in town, the privacy settings on those videos will not allow you to chase the content.

Don’t forget, every video has a different privacy setting, so you cannot expect every video to be downloadable. Especially when it comes to channels with millions of subscribers, it is hard that the uploader will allow you to click on the download button. 


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