How to change Spotify username

How to change Spotify username

Spotify has been around for years providing an unmatched collection of beautiful songs, records, tracks, and podcasts. It has reached success after a long way of struggle and crosses all the difficulties, which is why it has defined certain rules and regulations for its user community. 

One of the rules that is worth mentioning here is that the platform does not believe in changing the usernames. Every user name is the identity of a profile. However, still, some users want to know how to change Spotify username; therefore, I have devised a few alternative options. the alternative methods I am going to sharing in this post include: 

  • Change Spotify username by connecting the Facebook account 
  • Reach out to Spotify customer support and request a change
  • Create a new Spotify account to have a desirable user name

Let us discuss each method in detail to relieve your curiosity in knowing how to change the username on Spotify

How to change your Spotify username by connecting Facebook

Now, the most effective solution lies in connecting your Facebook account with Spotify, which results in transposing Spotify Username with your Facebook Username. If your Facebook username is also not a reasonable one, you can try changing your Facebook user first or connect a newly created Facebook account. Follow the method below.

Use a computer to connect Facebook

  • Open Spotify application either using Windows or Mac PC
  • Click the Down-Arrow sign following your profile image in the top right side
  • By clicking the arrow sign, a dropdown menu may appear. Hit ‘Settings’ in the menu
  • This will load a complete ‘Settings’ page. Move down the page and navigate to the ‘Social’ sections
  • Find the blue button that is labeled as ‘Connect to Facebook.’ Hit the button to proceed with the connection
  • Check out the popup that appears asking your Facebook Email and Password. 
  • Enter your credentials and press the ‘Login’ button, and it is connected.

Use Mobile device to Connect Facebook

  • Hold on your mobile and click the Spotify app to open regardless of the operating system your phone users
  • Find and tap the gear icon that appears on the top right side. It will take you to settings
  • Scroll down the Settings and navigate to the ‘Social’ tab. Click it
  • Besides various Yes/No options, you may explore the ‘Connect to Facebook’ button. It may be at the extreme bottom of the settings page.
  • Upon clicking, a popup menu will appear with options to fill your Facebook login details. Enter ID and password to continue connecting your account. 

How to change your Spotify username by contacting Support Team

If you are unable to change Spotify Username by connecting your Facebook account, or you do not have to use any alternative methods, you can always try reaching out to their support team. This is the simplest method if you looking for how to change your Spotify username. Write a simple message and ask the team to modify your username, as the existing name is not worth sharing. A common person may not worry about an improper username, but, for influencers and celebrities, it matters a lot. if you also belong to such a fraternity, you may need to provide details and they will surely replace the existing username with your suggested one. 

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Create A New account to have the desired Spotify Username

As you have come to know that there is not a straightforward method of editing, modifying, or changing the Spotify username, we suggest you create a new profile to have your dream username. it is quite easier if you are new and have not spent years in building your profile. Despite searching for how to change your username on Spotify, you can try creating a new account. It saves you a lot of time, struggle, and energy in having a username that will otherwise cost you a lot. It is only useful if you can compromise on the playlists and the music libraries you have created over time. The people who love your playlists will follow you again if you come up with a new account.

Final words

I have tried to guide you through different methods about Spotify how to change the username. It is up to you to choose a method that seems the easiest one. If any of my methods help in solving your problems, please share it with me in the comments.

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