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Best Free VPN for Android & iPhone in China for Multiple Devices

Best Free VPN for Android & iPhone in China for Multiple Devices

China is an economic hub of Asia that is attracting people across the globe for availing travel and business opportunities. If you are also planning to visit the country, but want to keep connected with your loved ones and keep watching your favorite shows online, you may need a VPN. The question you may ask as why I may need a free VPN that works in China if I do not have one in my home country.

The answer is simple. China has blocked a great number of web and mobile applications, and websites that you may use in routine. The prominent blocked apps to mention are WhatsApp, YouTube, Gmail, Google, Facebook, Tinder, Netflix, and many other websites that are streaming the western content online.

Best Free VPN for Android & iPhone in China for Multiple Devices

If you reach China without a VPN and find that most of the applications in your Android or iPhone devices are not working, you will consider yourself disconnected from the world. For your ease, I have compiled a list of best free VPN to use in China so that you can install, configure, and use before stepping down the plan.  


NordVPN is one of the leading service providers across the globe and has become the best VPN for China as soon as it announced its launch in the country. Their affordable pricing is attracting users all across China specifically from cities like Shanghai and Beijing.

It is a suitable service for users who are looking for the cheapest solutions for multiple device connectivity. You can add up to six devices. The zero log maintenance policy, smooth streaming of channels like Netflix, and unbreakable encryption makes it a strong opponent in this list. 


Surfshark has introduced its services in China last year that is 2019. It captured user attention by enabling them to access and watch their favorite TV shows, series, movies, music, and sports that are blocked in the region. This is the best free VPN to use in China as it unblocks online content streaming websites like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix. the feature that makes Surfshark standout from the rest of VPN service is the connectivity of unlimited devices in a single subscription. You can share it with your friends, family members, and neighbors too if you like to.  


VyprVPN gets a competitive advantage by owning most of the VPN servers rather than completely relying on virtual networks of the third party. Being managing their own data centers and servers, they are capable of providing steady and highest speed possible with unfailing uptime. However, the price is a bit higher, but the people of China may find paying it comfortable as it allows subscriptions by Alipay too. The company manages VPN services from varying locations with multiple services. The live chat feature is a savior if you are stuck in an issue that needs to be resolved instantly. 


ExpressVPN is the best free VPN for china for having a vast network of server locations. It enables the people of China to change their IP based locations and get access to a great collection of web content. it is priced higher than its competitors but the quality of service worth the money. Their servers ensure the fastest speed and connectivity up to five devices at the same time.  

The 24/7 live chat makes the user communication easy and hassles free. It also boasts top-notch security so your data is not lost or leaked in the due course of browsing the web. ExpressVPN works with most of the major applications you will use on either a mobile device or a desktop computer. It is the best VPN for a vacation to China multiple devices for Tourists who are in China for a short visit or stay can subscribe to the one-month money-back guarantee.  

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is enabling China to break the blockage and reach out to their favorite content over the web. It helps access blocked services, applications, news, social media networks, websites, videos, and streaming channels. It is a free VPN china android as well as Apple devices. it provides a safe and secure browsing connection by retaining no logs. The service assures fastest and reliable speed because of managing more than 3,200 servers with a network in about 70 countries.  

Final words

China claims to be a sovereign state, whereas, it does impose restrictions on its people due to various reasons. The websites that are banned in the country can neither be accessed by its people nor visitors. Therefore, you must have a free VPN download for China besides planning your visit and booking the hotel and transport.

The list I have compiled in this post includes some of the best alternatives. You can try to check which one suits most of your needs to stay connected in your entire visit.

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