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7 Things Not to Do When Using VPN for Digital Marketing

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It is pretty terrifying when you sit down and think about how much of your data is available on unprotected displays on the internet. And when you’re practicing digital marketing, you must follow the proper safety measures and protect your valuable information online from the hackers and crackers who sell your data on the deep and dark web. 

Cyber-attacks like data stealing, phishing, hacking, illegal publishing and selling your virtual address and location, and virus and malware attacks are prevalent nowadays. When your security is the primary concern, you should primarily get a VPN and avail of its cyber security services for safeguarding your valuable data. So whether you have an elaborate digital marketing campaign, or you’re just looking to buy TikTok followers for your digital content marketing, keep these tips in mind when it comes to using VPN. 

What is VPN? 

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a cybersecurity software tool helpful for encrypting your data on the Internet. Your internet service provider is responsible for hiding and encapsulating your IP address, online location, and other private information against cyberattacks through a VPN. VPN gives you some control to protect your browser and fortify your data and visibility on the Internet. 

While VPNs are especially powerful and reliable enough to use for security purposes on the internet, you can also use them to access multiple restricted websites and prevent the online tracking of your business website. Besides its benefits, VPNs also act as a tunnel for digital marketing entrepreneurs to obtain goods and services at a lower price and increase their organic search on the internet search engine. 

Franchise and business companies like Breakout escape rooms, food ordering sites and apps, many blogging websites, and academic pages rely on VPN for encapsulating their address and avoiding the open access of their precious data and location online. VPNchill website gives complete information on the advantages of using a VPN. 

Seven things should be avoided when using VPN for digital marketing. 

It is true without a doubt that VPN services are beneficial and essential for anyone’s security purposes, irrespective of whether they are digital marketers. But we cannot always rely on online services and sometimes, our internet service providers. You may never know if they are the ones accessing your IP location address and selling your information on the internet to a shady third party. And VPSs are known to sometimes reduce the speed of your network up to 33%. 

This proves that you must follow and be accustomed to certain steps and preventive measures before and during VPN usage. These may prove advantageous for your digital marketing but can also become a headache and a nuisance if they work against you. 

In context to the words above, let us look at the defensive point to be kept in mind while implementing.       

1. Avoid connecting with some countries that spy on their citizens. 

Some countries have legalized the use of VPNs and still monitor every detail of their citizens’ internet usage. Their government and ruling authorities are well versed in the data the people search and access and what type of information they store and keep despite their VPN usage. It is better to avoid connecting or accessing the files of such countries through your VPN because you may never know what sort of trouble you could land in for this reason. 

These nations include the United States, Australia, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Germany, New Zealand, France, and the Netherlands.  

2. Don’t overlook the VPN terms of service. 

Always keep track of your VPN terms of services because it specifies what kind of steps are forbidden and what could be used to log and track you back. Therefore, as a user, you should go through every point of the service provider to avoid any discrepancy in the future and forget to know what you must expect while using the VPN properly.  

3. Prevent any activity logging. 

Getting and installing a VPN isn’t the end of your work because you must keep a regular track to check any possible logging. Activity logging of anything is harmful and threatens your cybersecurity. Many VPNs slowly log a small amount of data left ignored and gradually route the internet traffic to your personal and valuable data, making it open to online threats. So, you must read the complete terms of services to avoid getting into such a situation.  

4. Fix any leak and test failures in VPN servers. 

Sometimes, your VPN services could be conceded due to a connection leak. You might have switched from Wi-Fi to Ethernet, or your computer could have gone to sleep mode and failed to reconnect with the VPN network. Such leaks could threaten your online security and privacy on the internet, so fix any leak and test for any possible failures in your VPN service.  

5. Watch out for free services. 

If a VPN service provides you its facilities for free, you might as well be better without using it. If it is free, it is most likely selling your data and earning revenue. Thus, avoid falling into these luring traps and invest in free VPNs. 

6. Avoid using a few particular VPNs. 

Before purchasing and installing any VPN, thoroughly run a background search for it and see if it is reliable and suitable for your use. While you can easily trust some VPNs, there are some that you must avoid using, for example – HideMyAss, Zenmate, VPNSecure, HotSpot Shield, etc.  

7. Avoid switching off your VPN when connecting to the internet. 

When you are prioritizing your business and private data safety and security online before anything else, it is advisable to keep your VPN on in this situation. 


Of course, you can trust VPNs for digital marketing due to their immense beneficial reasons. But there also are a handful of them that could later turn out to be not-so-good. So, it is always better to research before and be sure about their facilities and terms and conditions. And to cover up for the remaining precautions, always remember the seven don’ts while using any VPN for digital marketing. 

Masri serves as the Chief Content Editor at BestKodiTips. With three years of experience, she excels in creating technical content, focusing on how-to guides, Android and Kodi tutorials, app reviews, and addressing common technological challenges. She ensures to stay abreast of the latest tech updates. Outside of work, Masir finds pleasure in reading books, watching documentaries, and engaging in table tennis.

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