Six Ways to Make Windows OS in Your Workplace More Secure

Six Ways to Make Windows OS in Your Workplace More Secure

Windows is, without a doubt the world’s most used operating system, as the number of computers running this OS is estimated to be more than 1 billion. Companies use windows all around the globe. It’s no secret that its developers are actively working on improving the system’s security. Yet, cybercriminals can still find and exploit flaws and vulnerabilities if the computer is not well protected.

Sadly, organizations frequently fail to secure their computers running on Windows OS, which often leads to data breaches and other undesired security issues. It is essential to emphasize cybersecurity in 2020, regardless if you are a business owner or an employee.

We have prepared six tips that will increase the security of your Windows computer at your work. Make sure you go through all of them as we found them to be very helpful when it comes to cybersecurity.

Educate Your Staff

Making sure that your entire office team is on the same page when it comes to an understanding of the risks of online security threats should be the very first thing to do. Teach your workers to think and act responsibly while using office computers, as well as to identify possible scams and phishing schemes. We advise you to have online security meetings at least once per month to monitor how your team is dealing with security difficulties and discuss new threats and potential solutions.

Keep Your Operating System Updated

Regularly updating Windows is a straightforward still frequently neglected measure to improve security. When hackers find a new flaw in the OS defence system, Microsoft developers fix the issue by releasing a new update, so if you frequently miss system updates, your computer will be more exposed to potential security threats. We recommend setting up the automatic Windows update so you no longer even have to think about it.

Use Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is a firewall that is pre-installed into the Windows operating system and makes a significant difference in the system’s security. It protects your computer from any unwanted and unauthorized changes and blocks potential threats.

You can enable this feature by accessing it through the Windows Control Panel. Moreover, there are lots of alternatives to the Windows Defender; you can purchase and install a third-party firewall software since all of them serve the same objective.

Benefit from the User Account Control Feature

User Account Control or UAC for short is a feature that makes Windows inform you each time a program tries to make changes on your computer. UAC is perfect for a working environment, as it allows you to control other users’ authorization across all office devices.

As an example, employees using the computer with the UAC feature enabled will not be able to install any new applications without the administrator’s approval. Doing this will block workers from installing pieces of software that might carry possible safety threats.

Use VPN Services

Using a VPN service is arguably the best and most straightforward way to ensure your devices while browsing the internet or accessing private websites. A VPN makes an encrypted tunnel for your data to go through, so all the information that you send and receive remains confidential and secure.

We advise installing RusVPN for Windows and enabling it each time you turn on your computer so no one can access and track you down and intercept essential files that you work with. Virtual Private Networks not only boost your security but also unlock access to internet resources that are restricted in your country or region. 

Do not Use Microsoft Accounts

Microsoft accounts are indeed very convenient when it comes to syncing your data across all your devices in a few clicks. Nevertheless, besides saving lots of time, a Microsoft Account can be a severe threat to the security of your Windows OS.

These accounts may store a tremendous amount of sensitive data, but they can be easily hacked. So to avoid the danger of a data breach, we recommend stopping utilizing Microsoft accounts. In case you are not ready to give it up completely, at least do not connect it to the working computer in your office, as that can put at risk the data of the entire company.


For securing yourself, it is not necessary to be a computer genius to secure your computer that runs Windows OS. Just follow our six tips, and you will dramatically minimize all the potential risks of a data breach in your office. Don’t forget to spread awareness throughout the team about possible security threats, solutions, and security measures to keep the company protected from unwanted security disturbances.


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