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Several Handy Photo Editors to Help Hide Face

Several Handy Photo Editors to Help Hide Face

For many people, there are a lot of inconveniences because it is extremely difficult to maintain digital anonymity. The desire to remain unnoticed on social networks is normal.

We are constantly chased by algorithms like Google or Facebook that automatically identify faces. To solve this obsession, it will be necessary to increase your online privacy. This result can be achieved thanks to a good photo editor using a creative approach. 


A great option is to hide a face in photo using RetouchMe. It is a versatile mobile application that includes a large number of categories for photo editing. In addition to the function you need here, you can change or improve the appearance, depending on the purpose of use. The advantage is that the program is available in most digital stores and here you can quickly and creatively get your anonymity. The app has constant support from designers who have long mastered Photoshop and are ready to help you thanks to their professionalism.

The quality and format of the photo do not matter, no additional information is required. You just need to tell the experts how exactly you want to cover the face in the image: with a special sticker or make it pixelated. As a result, we make a few simple steps, the first of which will be to find the application through your browser or just download it from a digital store on your smartphone.

Next, you need to import the image for editing, then select one of the options mentioned earlier. After sending the photo for processing, it will take an average of 5–10 minutes to wait. As a result, the client obtains anonymity in the comfortable conditions he has applied for. 


Canva can be a good assistant for your task. The program is a simple service for those just beginning their way into the world of photography. Here you can efficiently work with layers, add different filters, and use inscriptions. The editor is essentially free, but many functions will be closed.  You can use one of the available stickers to get the long-awaited anonymity.

This is extremely easy to do,  we will need to press the button «create a design», then add the necessary photo for editing. Among the available paid or free items choose the one that suits you, it may be a smiley face. Apply the component from the program to the image as necessary, configuring the scale you want.

You can also select With this good service, you can create a lot of collages, multi-type avatars, memes, and so on. In the program, there are functions to overlay one image over another. In the photo editor, you can add various elements you need, and use emoticons that can further cover your face.

It is worth noting such features of the service: increased sharpness of the photo, adding textures and frames, visual effects, drawing on the photo, or putting stickers on it. The site has a large collection of bright emoticons. A great option to hide your face and get anonymity.

Avatan app

If you want to do photo editing on your smartphone, the Avatan app can be a good option. With this photo editor, you will be able to mix your photos with texture, add emojis and text, and make a double exposure effect.

With a local sticker collection, you’ll be able to superimpose stickers over your face or someone else, getting anonymity where you need it. The app boasts a variety of effects and graphics that you can also use if you want. You will also be able to use effects created by other users.

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