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BARD Can Help you Find Information on YouTube, Gmail, Drive and more

BARD Can Help you Find Information on YouTube, Gmail, Drive and more

Bard, Google’s AI chatbot, can now find information beyond web searches. Google’s AI chatbot can now help you access data from Gmail, Google Drive docs, YouTube, and other Google services.

With this new feature’s help, users can now instruct Bard to find and summarise email content and highlight a specific part of a document in your Drive.

These extensions by Google aim to save their customers time by simplifying the search process across various online platforms. It is a worthy feature, but on the other hand, it also raises concerns about the end user’s privacy.

If a chatbot gets access to everything you own, there might be data leakage. To handle this, Google has clarified that they will not use personal information for training the Bard model, nor will it breach any user’s privacy.

It is not a compulsory integration; Google will ask for your consent before accessing your information.

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