Gaming Laptops – The Best Options For Gaming on the Go

Gaming Laptops – The Best Options For Gaming on the Go

Gaming laptops are specialized, custom-designed computers intended for gaming. As gaming consoles grow more popular, PC’s are falling out of favor. Gaming laptops usually differ significantly from mainstream laptops by utilizing high-end graphics cards and powerful, high core count processors with raw capacity to run demanding games. A major advantage to gaming laptops is that they can be easily used as a substitute for a console system. 

However, the laptop’s lack of portability limits it to the market for cheap and basic PCs.


AMD Athlon processors offer excellent single-core performance for gaming laptops. Crucial BLS is an efficient dual-core application accelerator from STMicroelectronics. It delivers extreme perforated execution and unmatched timing. With a powerful processor, gamers get the best from both worlds: maximum performance and extended battery life. Crucial’s Dual AMD Athlon processors possess a new generation technology that has been known to boost total performance and add-on AMD voltage boosting cards. The voltage increasing cards increase the maximum amount of voltage allowed to the CPU; helping to maximize its performance and battery life.

Gigaman and Crucial’s gigaman processor series provide the ultimate resource control. They are designed for those who demand superior resource management from their gaming laptops. The gigaman series comes with two separate processors and is one of the few gaming laptops that utilizes an active cooling design. This cooling design is a first for any laptop. This cooling system reduces noise and furthers the effective processing power of the AMD processor.


There are other considerations in the quest for a good gaming laptop when considering price, but one factor should always be taken into account. How will you be transporting your new machine? Some gaming laptops are heavy, some are small. Find out how you plan on using your laptop before you decide on the type of laptop. If you are heavily carrying it from place to place then opt for a smaller, lighter laptop.

Graphics cards

Graphics cards have become more powerful than ever, but the price of them has soared as well. You may need to upgrade your graphics card sooner rather than later if you want the most gaming experience from your new machine. Graphics cards are an important part of a gaming laptop and will affect the gaming performance greatly.

Last but not least, when looking for gaming laptops, take a look at the battery life offered. Gaming laptops can last up to 8 hours on a full charge and that can make all the difference between winning and losing. A little extra battery life is a great advantage that everyone should have. Find out what the recommended battery life is for the model you are looking at and get one if you think you can.

Memory size

Memory size has become more important to gaming laptops as well. If you need lots of memory then look for laptops with more memory. Check for reviews online and see which models offer the highest memory. Some models can have up to 2 gigs of memory and that is more than enough for normal web browsing and some intensive gaming. Look for a laptop with at least one gig of memory.

One of the most important things you will need to decide on when buying gaming laptops is if you want a standard laptop or one with specific features. Standard laptops tend to be cheaper and less powerful. You can find more powerful gaming laptops on the market but they are usually more expensive. Check online for reviews of laptop brands to find out which ones offer the best technology for gaming laptops.


If you are looking for the ultimate gaming experience then you will likely want to purchase a desktop PC instead of a gaming laptop. However, many people still purchase laptops because they allow people to use them anywhere they like. You can even take them with you if you purchase a desktop computer with integrated video card and dual core processors. Desktop computers are also generally cheaper than gaming laptops.


One of the largest markets for gaming laptops is teenagers. Gaming laptops for teenagers are specifically made for this demographic. Many of these notebooks come with music and video players built in. They are very popular among the younger crowd and make great gifts. Teenagers tend to be very into technology so this makes them a great customer for the company who makes the laptop.


Battery life is something that many people fail to consider. Many gaming laptops come with a long battery life, but they are usually only good for gaming. Other laptops come with extended battery life but will not perform as well if you do not game often. The best way to find out what kind of battery life your laptop should have is to test it. Test it for a period of time before buying it to see if it will run out on you or if you need to constantly charge the battery.

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