Xbox head says Microsoft’s mobile game store could arrive next year

Microsoft's mobile game store arrival
Microsoft's mobile game store arrival

According to Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s gaming division, the company is getting ready to launch an Xbox store on iOS and Android as soon as next year, pending approval of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard by regulators.

The goal is to make Xbox and content from third-party partners available on any screen where people want to play, including mobile devices. Spencer stated that they want to build towards a future where mobile devices are more accessible.

Microsoft previously announced plans for an Xbox store for mobile devices in regulatory documents filed with the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority. Spencer stated that Microsoft is planning for the Digital Markets Act that is coming into effect, which will require major platforms designated as “gatekeepers” by the European Union to allow competing app stores.

Apple is reportedly already preparing iOS to comply with this legislation ahead of the March 2024 deadline. While Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is still under scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission and the CMA, Spencer believes it would be easy to adapt the existing Xbox and Game Pass apps to sell games and subscriptions through mobile devices.


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