Microsoft is Working on a YouTube-Like Video Copyright Identifying App

Microsoft is Working on a YouTube-Like Video Copyright Identifying App

Microsoft has reportedly submitted a patent application for a video tool that is similar to YouTube. The app looks like Shazam and is designed to inform viewers about which videos are protected by copyright.

 The purpose of this application is to assist producers in identifying any unauthorized use of their videos. The app works similarly to YouTube’s Copyright Match Tool and can be integrated into existing Microsoft applications like Copilot or used as a standalone application.

 Microsoft’s emphasis on this technology reflects its commitment to protecting intellectual property in the digital content space.

This app uses a unique method that compares two videos, known as the ‘target’ and the ‘reference,’ to determine whether the target video is a shorter version of the reference one.

The app analyzes the shots in both videos to check if they are different if they contain similar groups of shots, and if these shots are in the same order. If all conditions are met, the app flags the target video.

To create its database, the app makes use of the internet and various search engines, not just relying on Google. Users can either provide their videos and references or allow the app to work with existing data automatically, giving them flexibility in how they use it.

The adaptability of this app is what makes it outstanding. You don’t always need to have both videos to use it, as the app can compare your video with a vast database.

This database ensures a comprehensive and diverse search by combining content from various search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. It is not restricted to Google alone.

That means even if you have only one video, you can effectively identify copyrighted content with the help of this app.

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