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How to Fix Free msg Unable to Send Message Blocking is Active

Unable to Send Message - Message Blocking is Active

On various forums, we found the issue for both iOS and Android users saying “message blocking is active”. There are various reasons for this problem, in this guide we are going to fix this problem in the best possible way.

Nowadays, mobile users face “free msg: unable to send a message – message blocking is active” Error. This Error is widespread on T-Mobile as well as on other networks.

This Error is not critical, you can resolve it with the guidelines mentioned here in this guide. Before going to the solution, first, you will know the main reasons for this Error. So keep reading to know about this error and get rid of being unable to send messages from your mobile phone.

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The causes of message blocking are active Error

There are numerous causes for the message block Error, which are mentioned below. So sort out the reason on your device and resolve it with the given solutions.

  1. The blocklist is the leading cause of this Error—the receiver being in the block list of the sender or inversely. Make sure you are not on the block list of the other person; both people ensure that neither of them is on blocklists for call or text messaging. You can call or message them without any problem if you are not blocked on the phone. 
  2. Service outage from the service providers is the second leading cause of this Error. This error appears due to a temporary maintenance break
  3. A T-Mobile problem reports a short Code Issue, and the Error occurs due to shortcodes set to block. Message blocking is active is a technical error, and only technicians at T-Mobile can resolve it. 
  4. Sometimes the users configured the mobile to disallow the receiving or sending of premium SMS messages. Some messaging apps use this service, and you should allow them for some features to work correctly. 

How to Fix Message Blocking is Active Error

Turn on Premium SMS Access

Some messaging apps need premium access features to send messages correctly. So, our first solution is to educate you on allowing Premium Access to the installed messaging app. For this, you have to use the settings app on your phone.

  • Drag the notifications panel down and tap on the “Settings” button.

message blocking is active

  • Tap the “Application” 
  • Then choose “Apps”

Clicking on the “Apps” option

  • In the top right corner, tap the “Three Dots”.
  • Now from the list of options, choose “Special Access.” 

special access

  • Tap the “Premium SMS Access” option

premium sms access

  • Tap the application that you want to allow and choose “Ask”.

premium ask

  • Check to see if the error is resolved.

Contact for Support

The best solution for free msg: message blocking is active Error is to contact the technical staff at the customer support end.

Like a T-Mobile user got the response by using Twitter, they received the answer on this issue and explained the Error on T-Mobile.

This answer shows that the Error is related to a technicality, and technical customers can resolve the problem.

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