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Meizu Goes “All in AI” After Exiting Smartphone Market

Meizu Goes "All in AI" After Exiting Smartphone Market

In a bold strategic move, Meizu Technology, renowned for its affordable smartphones in China, has announced its departure from the smartphone market. Instead, the company is fully embracing the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) with an “All in AI” approach.

The decision comes as a response to shifting consumer behaviors, where users are delaying smartphone upgrades due to comparable performance across various brands. Meizu’s Chairman and CEO, Shen Ziyu, highlighted this trend, noting an average upgrade cycle of 51 months, or over four years.

This move marks a significant transformation for Meizu, transitioning from a mobile phone company to an “ecological group” focusing on AI-driven innovations. The company plans to redirect resources towards developing AI-powered devices, leveraging technologies such as large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI.

Meizu’s commitment to AI is underscored by its plans to launch a new mobile operating system tailored for the AI era in 2024, alongside the release of its first AI hardware product later this year. Additionally, existing products and services will continue to be supported, ensuring uninterrupted access for consumers.

Former Meizu executive Li Nan applauded the company’s strategic shift, emphasizing the necessity for adaptation in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. With this transition, Meizu aims to pioneer new frontiers in AI technology, promising further advancements in this exciting field.

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