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malding meaning
  • Malding word was started first in 2019 
  • It was first originated in the Forsen’s Twitch Chat 
  • Soon after its first appearance, it got the attention of Twitch users and now is used by the whole community
  • Although it was first used in 2019 on Twitch, its release date is 2011 on Urban Dictionary 
  • On Google, the first time, Malding was used in 2004 in the same context as now.

What is Malding?

It is a commonly used term in Twitch chat, and its use has been at its peak in the last year. It is not a term specific to Twitch, but rather it is a general term used primarily on video gaming platforms and online streaming. Malding is a combination of two words, i.e., Mad and Balding. When combined, Malding means mad and balding. Malding is used when someone is mad and going bald. It is used in various online communities, but the meaning of Malding is the same. 

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Meaning of Malding in Twitch Chat

It is a concept used about a person who is so mad that they start balding. It is a video gaming world and has been part of the Urban Dictionary since 2011. Malding was first Googled in 2004, and Twitch was introduced in 2019. In Twitch, Malding is the portmanteau word (means combination of two words). 

Forsen, a famous Twitch streamer, first originated the Malding word, and soon it became the general word in most communications, including Twitch chat. 

Looking at the demand for Malding on Twitch on Reddit, it was shared by a famous Reddit user. Then it started appearing in the search results of Reddit and even on Google with the terms “Mald,” “Malding meaning,” “Malding in Twitch Chat,” “malding definition” and other relevant words. 

In a video released with the title of “The Malding of Twitch” in 2019 about the famous Twitch streamers to highlight Malding. Again in July of 2019, another video was shared with a whole concept of malding of twitch. It is a commonly used term in online streaming and video games. It is not limited to the Forsen’s community only but is used by the whole community of twitch. 

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