Valorant Battle Pass Leak, New Things Expected in Episode 4 Act III

Valorant Battle Pass Leak, New Things Expected in Episode 4 Act III
  • Some new Vandal themes are expected in the latest episode of Valorant Battle. 
  • In Episode 4, Act III, the new Valorant Battle pass will be available for more than 1,000 VP, equal to USD 10. 
  • Without purchasing Valorant Points (VP), players can still access free Vandal Skinso f the Valorant Battle pass Leak.

Valorant Battle Pass Leak, Episode 4 Act III is on the way with some stunning new skins/themes and a brand new battle pass. In the latest episode, a bundle of new skins and new designs are available for all the players.

Players can use the Vaorant points to purchase skins. In the Valorant Battle Pass Leak, some of the skins are highlighted and released by the company. 

Release Date of Battle Pass Episode 4 Act III and All you Need to Know 

The new Battle Pass Episode 4 Act III will be released on 26 April 2022. The new Act and Fade are also expected to be released in the scheduled release. According to some reliable sources, the latest release will contain some new styled themes/skins, cybernetic and many other catchy designs, and the earning opportunity for the players.  

What Included in the Battle Passes 

It typically contains Free weapons, Skins, premium skins and weapons, player cards, gun buddies, radiant, and much more. 

Unlike previous releases, more new skins are added to the battle pass this time. The players might use these vandal skins to get the game pass for the first time.

How to Collect all the Rewards in Battle Pass Episode 4 Act III 

Below is mentioned how you can earn rewards in the Battle pass. In the game, XP is determined by the number of rounds won by the player. XP is not affected by the individual performance of the players. 

After playing each round successfully, players will get 100 XP points. Further, 200 XP will be added as a bonus to your account by winning a single round. Completing daily missions give 2000 XP points, while on weekly mission completion, players get 12000 XP. 

Players who play the game often can complete the Episode battle passes quickly in a short time. To get the maximum XP, you should focus on meeting the daily, and weekly missions as these missions give total XP. 

A New battle pass cost is 1,000 VP or Valorant Points, equal to USD 10, but the conversion depends on the player region.  

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