IKEA just launched a $15 waterproof Bluetooth speaker

IKEA waterproof Bluetooth speaker
IKEA waterproof Bluetooth speaker

The most recent model in the Vappeby range features an 80-hour battery life and IP67 water resistance.

IKEA`s Vappeby collection expands with a new waterproof Bluetooth speaker built for the shower and priced at $15 – less than all but the lowest no-name gadgets.

It has an impressive 80-hour battery life at 50% volume and is IP67 approved for water and dust protection.

IKEA’s Vappeby range debuted with an outdoor LED light that also functions as a Spotify-enabled Bluetooth speaker.

The only thing missing from the new Vappeby waterproof variant is a USB-C charger, which you most likely have laying around.

With the incredibly low price, shower-friendly design, and insanely extended battery life, it should sell like hotcakes — however, don’t anticipate terrific sound quality.

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