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A design project will help to create a competent room with a computer. The main thing is to preserve the autonomy of the working area, which does not contradict the design and harmoniously fits into the atmosphere of the room.

Whatever room the computer is located in – living room, kitchen, or bedroom, the room space should be zoned. By the zoning rules, you can use a colour palette, lighting, and differences in textures of the finishing material for creating visual distinctions among zones. 

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In comparison with the placement of a laptop, to install a stationary computer with a system unit, a printer, and a scanner, a solid area, will be needed. In organizing a place for computers, it is important to observe the technical safety rules in working with computer equipment – grounded sockets in the number equal to the number of working devices. As well as to provide a wireless connection for working online.

Convenience and comfort in the workplace are achieved through furniture designed for these purposes – a separate table or pull-out tabletop, paper storage systems, shelves for office supplies, and phone holders.

Many people work online from their homes, and organizing a home office is an issue. This is how a living room or bedroom with a computer appears – an office at home, without which existence is unthinkable today.

In a small bedroom, the workplace organisation is associated with the choice of a place for equipment. For miniature rooms, it is better to abandon a stationary computer and purchase a laptop or monoblock PC and install the latter on the wall. Outside working hours, it is used as a TV. Fortunately, its functions allow it. 

The biggest drawback of placing computer equipment in the bedroom is not the processor’s noise, but the partner sitting at the monitor, as well as children spending a lot of time in the parent’s bedroom.

Living room

It’s a regular practice to organize a workplace in the living room. Even at the stage of repair work, should be indicated the point of dislocation of computer equipment. As a rule, is chosen the place by the window. If there are two windows in the hall, the computer table is placed between the openings.

Electrical wiring is supplied to the working area, the required number of outlets is installed, space for storage systems is allocated. The installation of lighting devices is carried out, taking into account that a small living room with a computer will be illuminated in different ways, depending on the functionality of the zones.

The workplace area is provided with strong illumination to prevent eye fatigue and ergonomic furniture to avoid spinal problems. To find ergonomic furniture made with taste and style, you can go to Nyfurnitureoutlets.

The workspace does not need individual decoration. The furnishings become part of the decorations, indicating the functional areas.

If you install, portable equipment is not required a lot of space. Installing a cabinet with a retractable tabletop will allow you to position your laptop comfortably. Part of the insides of such a cabinet is used for a storage system.


For a nursery, high-quality lighting plays a key role. The study and work area with lockers, shelves, and a desk should be well lit and have additional light sources in the form of table lamps.

In design, it is advisable to adhere to one style direction.

The conservative style in modern classics is considered an optimized design option for a nursery for a child of any age. These are solid wood furniture and qualitative accessories. A sophisticated computer chair with chrome details and an anatomical seat will be the best choice.

A romantic or ethnic style with an abundance of decorative ornaments will look good in a girl’s room.

The clarity of lines and shapes, the abundance of metal and plexiglass in the arrangement of your own room radically affect character formation. Having your own equipment and not a computer allocated for a while in the parents’ room promotes the child’s better growing up process and self-organization and fosters a sense of responsibility.


It is better to use compact mobile cabinets and mobile racks for storage systems in a small kitchen area for computer equipment.

It is difficult to create a full-fledged workplace in a small space. A more profitable option would be to purchase a laptop instead of a stationary computer with a large and noisy system unit that takes up a lot of space in the room.

It is good if the kitchen is equipped with a niche in which you can easily organize a computer area. Delimitation of zones is required. It is generally advisable to put a semblance of a partition, since the smells of culinary dishes, even in the presence of a strong hood, greatly distract from work.

In a rectangular kitchen, a bar counter equipped with transparent or coloured glass will perfectly delimit the space with the creation of a working and office area. Square kitchens are zoned with a plasterboard ledge, behind which office equipment is hidden. In the case of kitchen design in Japanese minimalism, a beautiful oriental screen is installed that completely hides the work area with a computer.


The organization of a home office in a balcony is associated with specific renovation work. For office equipment, high or low air temperatures are not so terrible as everywhere penetrating dampness.

Laptop Computers Offer All the Functions of Regular Notebook Computers

Installing a computer on the balcony means overhauling the utility room. Before connecting the power cables, it is necessary to lay waterproofing and insulation along the outer walls, floor, and ceiling and glaze window openings.

Care must be taken to keep the monitor out of direct sunlight, so windows should be fitted with blinds. To avoid overheating equipment in the summer heat, it is necessary to install an air conditioning system.

At low winter temperatures, the system unit can also malfunction. Therefore, the balcony room needs heating. In this situation, the electric underfloor heating system becomes that rational idea and the only solution, since removing central heating radiators to balconies is prohibited.

And one more aspect that distinguishes a balcony room from a room in an apartment. This is the presence of dust. When organizing a place for a computer on the balcony, you should take care of powerful coolers for the system unit.

As for the design style of the computer place arranged on the balcony, the style direction depends on personal preferences.

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