How Students Use Laptops in Today’s Society

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The study was geared towards investigating how students from an EFL educational context use their personal laptops in the class. 

The study also aimed at finding out how the students’ use of laptops in the class affects their learning and the effects of this to the teaching and development practices. 

This study was a joint effort of the faculties of electronics and information technology of the University of Paris and the French National Institute of Qualification for Science (NICE). 

The study has some very interesting facts about how EFL teachers and educators can use the information gathered to improve their teaching styles.

Different Uses of Laptop 

First of all, the use of laptops by the students in the class was found to be very different from the use of desktops or laptops in usual usage. The researchers found that in this way, the laptops were being used to conduct most of the coursework. They used the laptop as a substitute for their desktop computer. 

This is very important because, as mentioned before, students have a very different way of learning compared to the way a teacher would do it. A teacher would usually try to get his or her student to use a desktop computer and use the touchpad or the keyboard to type notes.

The use of laptops for EFL studying was quite impressive. The study found that almost half the students used the laptops to carry out the required coursework. They also used their laptops to access the Internet. 

In fact, the study showed that the use of laptops by the students reduced the time they took to complete the required tasks compared to the time a student would take to use a desktop computer. Furthermore, they found that the efficiency of the study resulted in significant increases in grades.

What are the other benefits of laptops for students? 

There are a number of benefits that come with the use of laptops. The student who uses the laptop for his coursework is sure to speed up his learning process. Furthermore, the student can get much more work done in a shorter period of time. 


There is no need to stop working to go and visit the library or check out a book on a computer. Also, when a student wants to use a word processor, he does not need to physically leave his desk to do so.

Laptops also enable the student to be more mobile than he used to be. Students can use their laptops in the classroom when there is no access to a desktop computer. 

They also do this when they are taking examinations in the field of business, economics and even law. They can stay at their desks while sitting at the back of the class. The laptop allows them to move freely around the room and still be able to keep tabs on what is going on.

The student who prefers to use a netbook can do this too. In fact, many schools are using netbooks in the classrooms to allow the children to better do their homework. These laptops also come with other features such as wireless speakers, cameras for video purposes and high-speed wireless broadband connections. 

This allows the student to do more than just type. He can now type up an essay, use a word processor and read his assignments online.

How does a laptop help in personal life? 

Many people will also use laptops to help them in their personal life. For instance, students who are studying for final exams will use these devices to help them complete the work needed to pass their tests. 

The use of email has also become popular. This allows the student to send emails to their instructors and classmates, which are often sent while using public Wi-Fi services. This has allowed students to stay in touch with each other and finish what they need to do without having to worry about being in the middle of nowhere.


The teacher can also benefit from having the ability to use the laptop. The teacher will have the ability to get the important information across to the class without having to carry a large laptop around. 

The size of the screen is smaller, which allows the teacher to see more of the information displayed on the screen at one time. This gives the teacher the ability to point out important elements of the material without having to reference pages. Laptops also allow the student to save the information that is needed for the next lesson. This means that the student will not have to go back to the library or copy everything down on paper.


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