How to Get More Followers on Instagram

10 Easy Peasy Ways to Attract More Instagram Followers for Your Business

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social platforms, which is equally beneficial for businesses and celebrities. Instagram users spend hours on it, but there are a few people who do it for earning. But it is a great platform where you can cash your account if it has enough followers and fan engagement. These days, Instagram has grown from merely a fun app for sharing photos into an extreme marketing and networking tool for brands and individuals.

Without enough followers, you can’t cash your Insta account, so how to attract businesses to your account? The answer is straightforward; you have to go for the cheap or free ways to leverage this growth and get more Instagram followers to your account and start earning from it right away.

Several followers are a form of social currency, credibility or social proof. It is generally understood that if your content is good, people will engage with it and share it more. By doing so, more people will visit your profile and start following you. An account with a considerable number of the following will act as a magnet pulling even more followers.

Having a sizable following on Instagram is more than a vanity metric. This is because of your organic reach, social proof, and ability to command accurate results all depend on maximizing followership.

Why You Need to Get More Instagram Followers

It would be best to get more and more Instagram followers to attract other users to your profile and be on the top. While looking at its importance, several companies such as GetInsta are offering the best ways to give value to your profile in the form of more and more real followers. There are also several other ways to get more Instagram followers, but you need to know why you need to get more Instagram followers. You also need to know these followers’ nature because, in some cases, these followers may not be genuine.

Various online agencies are always ready for increasing the number of followers to your profile but should you trust them? The answer is a big NO; you need to do research and look at the nature of their business and the customer reviews for the same. It means, in some cases looking for free Instagram likes from the unauthorized agency will keep your identity and privacy on the stack.

Below, we will be talking about a few methods which will help you to get more Instagram followers on your account.

Complete Your Instagram Profile

This is one of the primary and most effective ways of converting visitors into followers. Your profile is as important as the homepage of your website or blog. Therefore, you must have a good Instagram profile photo, active stories, and a compelling Instagram bio. You can quickly achieve this with the use of Instagram Aesthetic.

Use Hashtags in Stories and Photos

Instagram posts and Stories are very efficient at reaching new audiences and boosting followership. What makes Instagram Stories and newly shared posts so effective is that they appear on the Explore Page, thereby making it available to people who don’t follow you to find.

Use Videos to Get More Followers

Videos are as effective as other static photos, so long as they have personality and are relatable. They’re one of the best means of engaging with any audience, any day, any time.

Promote Your Instagram Posts on Other Social Media Accounts

This can be an easy way to direct your existing followers on other platforms, e.g. your website or other social networks, to your Instagram page. If they enjoy your posts on Facebook, chances are they’d also want to keep tabs on other platforms.

Join Instagram Groups

This is an effective tactic for beginners to get free followers for Instagram. By joining the engagement group for your particular niche, you will get a targeted list of Instagram followers and likes from people who share your interest.

Reposting Viral Content

By reposting other people’s content, particularly the ones that went viral or is of significance, you can pull attention to your account. In other words, you can share in other people’s shine by helping them shine.

Host Giveaways

Don’t we all like giveaways? You can tap into this flare for “free” and reap the many benefits and publicity that come with it.


Now that you’ve got them, you’d want to keep them. Not so? If you want more than hollow follows, you need to engage your followers. Using some or all of these strategies, you should be able to grow your Instagram followers in 2021.

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