Google’s Stadia shutdown also killed its white label game streaming offering

Google’s Stadia shutdowns
Google’s Stadia shutdowns

Some businesses are unable to use the cloud gaming platform. When Google discontinued Stadia in January, it also discontinued third-party access to the underlying cloud gaming technology.

Google’s Jack Buser tells Axios’ Stephen Totilo that his business no longer offers Immersive Stream for Games since it was “connected to Stadia itself.

The corporation isn’t abandoning cloud gaming entirely, but it is now relegating itself to support. According to Axios’ Jack Buser, the firm’s focus today is on supporting others’ Destiny-style live service games by offering a server infrastructure, data management, and analytics.

As their player bases increase, developers may not need to invest as much in online infrastructure or worry about scaling. The discontinuation of Immersive Stream is hardly shocking. While it did not require Stadia’s substantially subscription-driven approach, it had the same constraints as many other game streaming platforms.

You required a fast, consistent internet connection, and you had to deal with greater lag and worse visual quality as compared to a locally stored game. Businesses must either create their own platforms or offer their games to current services such as GeForce Now.

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