Messenger is returning to the Facebook mobile app after nine years away

Messenger returns to FB
Messenger returns to FB

Meta wants Facebook to be the “greatest site for social discovery and sharing,” not TikTok. It’s been so long since Meta removed Messenger from the Facebook mobile app that Windows Phone was still a thing.

‘‘It’s unclear whether Meta intends to bring messaging back to Facebook’s mobile browser.

Meta is seeking to push Facebook away from an app where you keep up with friends and family and towards more of an entertainment and discovery platform in order to compete with TikTok.

It is attempting to “make Facebook the finest site for social discovery and sharing,” as Alison stated in her blog post.

“Make it easy for users to share what they discover on Facebook via messaging, when, where, and how it suits their requirements, without needing to move to another app,” Alison wrote.

TikTok allows users to share films they come across with their friends via built-in instant chat.

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