Microsoft Edge can now use AMD and NVIDIA GPUs to upscale web videos

Microsoft Edge can now use AMD and NVIDIA GPUs
Microsoft Edge can now use AMD and NVIDIA GPUs

Video upscaling in Chrome or Edge is currently available to NVIDIA video card customers, but what if you have an AMD board?

Edge Canary is testing a Video Super Resolution feature that upscales and eliminates artifacts from online videos below 720p utilizing both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs (sorry, Intel Arc fans).

A GeForce RTX 20 series or Radeon RX5700 is required, however, this might be useful if you’re viewing an old YouTube video or want to preserve bandwidth on a limited data plan. If you’re using a laptop, you must connect it in, and the video cannot employ digital rights management (DRM) technology like PlayReady or Wide vine.

If your laptop has a hybrid graphics system, you’ll also have to compel Edge to utilize your dedicated GPU. According to Microsoft, automatic hybrid video compatibility is in the works. Video Super Resolution is now only available to a small number of Edge Canary users, but it will be available to more users in the “coming weeks,” according to the firm. If you don’t want to utilize experimental software, just be patient – it will most likely take some time before betas and refined versions implement the functionality.

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