Google Podcasts to Shut Down in 2024, Users can Use YouTube Music

Google Podcasts to Shut Down in 2024, Users can Use YouTube Music

Google has indicated that it will end its podcast service by next year. It means that from 2024, users can listen to podcasts on YouTube Music only and cannot use the Podcast service by Google.

A few months ago, Google allowed US users to listen to podcasts without a subscription to YouTube Music. With the help of this feature of Google, users can also listen to podcasts offline on their devices.

But it does not mean that podcast service is 100% terminating; users can still use YouTube Music for podcasts.

Google has launched the podcast service for Android in 2018. It provides users with a library of podcasts for free.

From 20200, Google made some enhancements to the app and launched it on iOS for iPhone and iPad users.

This service is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and many other web systems.

Recently, YouTube wrote on the company’s Blogspot post that in 2024, the company will invest in the podcast experience in YouTube Music. Google Podcasts will be discontinued in the second part of 2024.

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