Google Pays Apple More than $18 Billion Every Year, Learn Why!

Google Pays Apple More than $18 Billion Every Year, Learn Why!

In a recent trial between the tech giant Google and the US government, one of the main points is how much Google pays Apple to advertise Google’s search engine on Apple devices.

Based on the shocking report by The New York Times, Google paid around $18 billion in 2021 to Apple to display Google as the default search engine. Before the announcement, experts thought Google would pay $10 to $20 billion.

The deal between Google and Apple ensures the company uses Google as its default search engine and stops Apple from developing its search engine.

In the trial, it was also revealed that Apple considered buying alternative search engines such as Bing or creating their search engines in the past.

There are also rumors that Apple is not using its search engine, and they are happy with Google as its default search engine to engage users, as Google is a preferred platform for most users.

In the past, Apple stopped thinking about buying another search engine, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed this. Currently, there is a trial going on in the US court.

In the trial, the US Department of Justice thinks the current deal is unfair and creates a monopoly. In response, Google said that users on Apple devices can switch to any other search engine,. Still, they are paying billions of dollars each year to Apple to keep Google as their default option, and they hope that users won’t switch to any alternative.

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