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Google Chrome for Mac Gets Generative AI Features

Google Chrome for Mac Gets Generative AI Features

Google has been focusing a lot on artificial intelligence (AI) recently. They’ve incorporated AI into various products, like the Pixel 8 Pro phone and the new Gemini project.

 Now, they’ve added AI upgrades to their Chrome browser in the latest release (M121) for Mac and Windows computers. 

This update has three cool experimental features that improve your browsing experience. 

To try them, sign in to Chrome, go to settings, and look for “Experimental AI.” These features will be available for users in the U.S. in the next few days. 

The first new feature is Tab Organizer, which suggests creating groups for your open tabs and even offers names and emojis to make finding them a breeze. 

To use it, right-click on a tab and select “Organize Similar Tabs” or click the drop-down arrow next to your tabs.

Google brings the cool text-to-image feature from Android 14 and Pixel to Chrome for Mac. Now, you can create themes based on color, mood, subject, or style. 

Access it in Chrome’s side panel: Customize Chrome > Change theme > Create with AI. Check out the Chrome team’s collection of themes, too!

The last new generative AI feature coming to Chrome is “Help Me Write,” which will offer writing suggestions for things like customer reviews, contact form queries, or party RSVPs. Google plans to release this feature in a Chrome update next month.

Google isn’t stopping with these AI features in Chrome; they’re teasing even more AI and machine learning additions throughout 2024. Exciting things ahead for Chrome users!

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