Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Survives Drop and Scratch Tests

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra survives drop and scratch tests

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has recently undergone a drop and scratch test conducted by PBKreviews to test its durability. 

This phone has a titanium frame and Gorilla Glass Armor that helped it survive multiple waist-height drops with only minor scrapes on the frame and a small screen crack in one corner. 

The latest Gorilla Glass Armor not only delivers remarkable scratch resistance but also excels in minimizing reflections.

Of course, Using a protective cover for your phone is wise. It helps keep your device in good condition, so you can get more money for it if you ever want to sell it.

Also, using a cover prevents you from paying for expensive repairs if the glass or display gets damaged. It’s a wise choice to save money and keep your phone in shape.


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