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How Businesses Can Gather Rich Data Using Employee Scraping API

How Businesses Can Gather Rich Data Using Employee Scraping API

While in the search for rich data, you can find many substantial databases. But what is better than that? For even more data with higher potential, you can check out the Employee Scraping API. 

The tool helps extract information from different sources that can then be analyzed to create better employee management strategies. Even statistics show that over 50% of recruiters claim that artificial intelligence helps them source, screen, and nurture candidates.

What is the Employee Scraping API?

An Employee Scraping API (application programming interface) is an instrument that scrapes publicly available employee data from a professional network based on the URLs that you provide. 

In this case, the API (application programming interface) works as a code between two or more software allowing them to share data easily and securely. Therefore the code allows data scrapers to find the newest data from professional profiles about employee experience, education, active title, skills, connections, and more. 

Employee API is a database with already scraped employee data, while an Employee Scraping API allows you to scrape data from the web yourself whenever you need. You don’t need to rely on primarily available datasets, you can create your data from whatever publicly available websites you need. 

Key benefits of using employee scraping for business

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Employee Scraping API data:

Discover the overall employee attitude 

A study showed that 84% of HR professionals report recognizing employees increases engagement. 82% say it boosts employee happiness and staff availability. With access to the latest employee data, companies can quickly react to employee feelings and provide greater recognition or better work conditions to increase engagement, which therefore benefits the company.   

Compare candidate data

Employee Scraping API data can be organized and filtered, this feature is great when you need to compare and contrast many candidates for a job position quickly. While all of the candidates might have a great education, many years of experience, and be in the perfect age group, you can then turn to their attitude descriptions and skill sets to find an employee that will best fit the company culture. 

Efficiency and accuracy

When using a scraper tool to collect all of your important data, you would simply reduce the number of manual tasks. The HR team and recruiting workers could spend more time analyzing the data and making decisions based on the ready loads of data. 

In addition to efficiency, we can add accuracy and remove errors, scraping systems have a minimal chance of error when collecting data they can collect many data points that humans usually miss. 

Use cases: make your scraped data work for you

Scraping data is the easy part, the key question is how to use the data. Here are some ways you can use scraped data and make it work for you:

  • Improve employee retention. Employee retention is one of the biggest challenges for HR. 1 in 3 hires (33%) will quit within the first year. Design a system or a scale that will analyze employee data points and estimate their match to specific positions. 
  • Build a talent pool. Even when all job positions are filled, companies can use employee data to build an additional pool of possible candidates that are perfect to fill a position in case of an emergency. 
  • Target specific geographical regions. Companies that look for employees from specific regions or with specific attitudes can analyze scraped employee data and figure out marketing strategies that will best work for those categories of people. 

The most popular tools you can use for employee scraping

Now that we have discussed the business benefits of Employee Scraping API, we have collected 5 of the most reliable platforms for scraping that will help you bring those benefits to life. 

  1. Phantombuster. The data scraping tool will keep you safe and anonymous as it collects all the data you need, even as far as email addresses. 
  2. Oxylabs. A powerful tool that uses an automatic data point identification system, in the rare case of it failing there is a backup point and click interface that detects all the data you need.
  3. Octopus CRM. Collect the latest information about prospects to power your business, and get your hands on names, emails, titles, education, and more. 
  4. ProxyCrawl. The scraper provides data to thousands of companies worldwide, it can scrape almost any browser type out there. 
  5. Bright Data. An industry-famous scraping tool, that is well known for its data, you can scrape ready-made datasets, or custom request your own. 


Collect some of the most unique and fresh data with Employee Scraping API, use the data to improve employee management, search for qualified candidates, discover ideal salaries, etc. Employee Scraping API can deliver businesses complete sets of useful data. The only thing they have left to do is carry out the right analysis and build the right employee management strategies.

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