The Game Changer Gaming Gadgets of 2019

The Game Changer best Gaming Gadgets

For gaming enthusiasts, things get all sorts of thrilling and exciting when a new game is out! And for someone who loves to add to their gaming gear, the intensity of thrill doubles up when new gaming gadgets are announced and launched in the market!  

If you’re in gaming, you know nothing beats the satisfaction and excitement of bringing new gaming gear and trying it! After all, people don’t create a whole gaming space in their house for nothing! Your gaming gear needs to be updated once in a while and the satisfaction and bliss of buying the latest gaming gear is beyond details. 

List of Best Gaming Gadgets for 2019

So, if you’ve long been waiting for the right gear to reach the markets so you can buy them, here is a whole list of the game changer gaming gadgets of 2019 that you must buy! Let’s check them out: 

Oculus Rift S VR System

For gamers that have stepped into the fabulous world of VR gaming, the Oculus Rift S VR system is god-sent! This is by far the best VR system that you can own and take your gaming adventures up a notch! 

This VR system is evolved from its previous model the Oculus Rift that has been discontinued by the manufacturer. 

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This is a PC-powered VR gaming system that comes with a VR headset and touch controllers. The system has got NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card and runs on Intel i5-4590. The Oculus Rift S VR supports Windows 10 and is a very handy and high-quality gaming system you can ever own. If you plan on gifting this to a gaming head, you will just earn yourself a hanger-on for life! Yup, it is that good! So, give it a try and see if it is your cup of tea. 

Samsung CRG9 Gaming Monitor

For gamers, no screen is wide enough to feed their greed of enjoying a game to the very cores. So, Samsung CRG9 is just trying to do justice with their needs. 

This is a gaming monitor that is quite wide enough to fit in any game that you’re playing! This monitor is designed to deliver the richest experience of gaming with its 4120 x 1440 resolution. The monitor has an aspect ratio of 32:9 and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Can you ask for anything better?!

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So, bring this monitor home and take out the most immersive game you own and you’ll be locked up in your house for hours! 

Corsair IronClaw RGB Mouse

If you want to be famous among your gaming friends, this is one of the best investments. If you want to improve your gaming experience and performance, this is the one to go!

Anesthetic gaming gear and a high performer, the Corsair IronClaw RGB mouse is the latest gaming mouse that you must own. With a full palm grip, you can have easy control and better performance. The mouse also has 18000 DPI resolutions that can be adjusted as per your requirements. So, bring home the IronClaw RGB mouse and enjoy gaming like never before! 

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DPI is the standard for measuring the sensitivity of the mouse. It means the dots per linear inch that can be detected by a device. More about “What is DPI Mouse”

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ASTRO A50 Gaming Headset

No one knows the importance of a good headset better than a gamer. Hardcore gamers that are more into online gaming would love to have a feature-rich gaming headset added to their gear. And ASTRO A50 makes one best option for them! 

With 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound technology and high-quality bass and treble, this gaming headset helps you enjoy your gaming sounds and music in a much better manner. The sound in this headset is amplified and perfected enough to take you to a whole new journey and give you immersive gaming experience. 


Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU


Talk about graphics cards and a hardcore gamer knows how important they are for the gaming experience. Now, installing a run of the mill graphics card in your computer means compromising on your gaming experience altogether. After all, for an immersive experience, good graphics are a number one requirement. 

If you’re looking for the best graphics card for PC gaming, the Nvidia RTZ 2060 GPU is everything you need! With a very powerful ray tracing technology and a design that keeps your system super-cool and quiet, this gaming card is a must-buy! The graphics card runs on a next-gen 6-phase power supply to enhance better over-locking. It also has 13-blade fans that help with the cooling, quietly. 

The memory speed of this GPU is 14 Gbps. So, get online and order this one, now! We know you cannot wait to upgrade your graphics and this is the best way to do it! 

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ASUS ROG Strix Cntrl Keyboard


When we say gaming keyboards, we all know what we’re talking about and it surely has colorful LED backlights within the key panels to make it worthy of your gaming gear. The ASUS ROG Strix Cntrl is a keyboard that would fit perfectly in your gaming gear and will help you reach the highest levels of performance with its feature-rich design. 

This gaming keyboard comes with Cherry MX switches, full-sized number keys, and an oversized Cntrl key, especially for the gamers! Now you know why the name of this keyboard has Cntrl in it! This keyboard is completely capable of being your central control unit when you’re playing games. Paired with the latest gaming mouse of your choice, it can be the best of your gaming gear! 

Nintendo Entertainment System (Classic Edition)

One of the best things in the world of gaming is that Nintendo is still appreciated and there are still gaming gears to enjoy the video games that we grew up playing! This Classic Edition Nintendo Entertainment System is the best example of such gear! So, if you’re a Nintendo lover, bring home this entertainment system and enjoy a family night playing the old-school games like the Super Mario Bros. For a better experience, you can buy the modern version of this entertainment system that offers better graphics and offers HDMI connectivity. 

Thrustmaster FCS HOTAS Flight Stick

If you’re planning to buy a flight stick, this one can be a great option in HOTAS controllers. This stick allows gamers to enjoy their game with 14 action buttons and 4 independent axes. The FCS HOTAS stick will take your gaming up a notch, making you enjoy every bit of it! This flight stick has an ergonomic design that fits right into your hand for a perfect grip and easy controls. 

It is easy to set it up through a USB. The backlight and the design of this stick make it a perfect addition to your gaming gear. So, invest in this one and experience highly immersive gaming and a great performance. 


With this, our list of the best gaming gears of 2019 ends! All these gears have been highly appreciated and favored by gamers throughout the world. So, you can also try them and see how they turn out to be! To go easy on your pocket, invest in them one by one and try them on your own. With the enhanced gaming experience that they offer, you are just going to love them. So, enjoy and go bonkers!

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