How Secure and Reliable are the File Hosting Platforms?

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File hosting or cloud storage refers to an internet-based cloud service where the users securely host their files like documents, videos, photos, or other important files. There are several types of file hosting services on the internet, which is why most people find it difficult to choose one.

Security should be on top of your list when choosing a file hosting platform. Most file hosting platforms are secure and will ensure that you can store and provide secure access to the digital data stored.

File hosting security

It’s not just enough to say that file hosting platforms are secure. There is a need to dig deep and understand how to file hosting security works. The network of the servers making up the cloud storage is stored in data centres with great in-built security. In most cases, some features restrict access to the data stored in the cloud, which minimizes phishing attacks using file hosting services.

Most data centres that support file hosting services are designed with features that reduce the amount of oxygen in the air to minimize the risk of fire outbreaks. And if you are worried about the loss of information, you need to understand that cloud providers often store multiple copies of data in disparate data centres.

The need for file hosting security

One of the major reasons why you need file hosting security to host sensitive data is because the providers often give cost-effective and secure flexible alternatives. The secure flexible options are even greater than the locally-implemented hardware. Performing your business operations on the cloud means that all confidential files and sensitive information are protected from sophisticated cyber attacks.

Cloud-stored data resides outside the scope of attack by cybersecurity attackers. You will have to take additional security measures to ensure that your data security is beyond the basic protections the service providers offer. The rise of machine learning, AI, and IoT technologies has made several industries like the hospitality industry, health sector, or anywhere where client details are greatly used, more reliant on cloud technology while thwarting all the security risks,

File hosting security challenges and solutions

Even if the file hosting services have great security solutions, that doesn’t mean there are no challenges when you opt to use them. You should understand that they provide greater security than the locally-implemented storage services. There are a handful of cloud security issues that affect most of the users, and they include.


This is the top security challenge that most businesses using file hosting services face. Most misconfigurations in the cloud storage area are caused by hiring inexperienced employees or overly complex resource policies. Sometimes the ever-changing user interfaces may also lead to misconfigurations together with other circumstances.

An engineer handling the data may unintentionally implement an overly permissive policy during the troubleshooting or when addressing the power outage. Instead, your business needs to establish clear guidelines and standards that describe the procedures that should be covered during the troubleshooting process.

The policies should also dictate what data should be stored on the cloud and how the data should be accessed. Failure to do this, there will be a lot of misconfigurations that will ultimately affect the access to the data stored in the cloud storage. Ensure that all technical staff is highly trained on the file hosting technologies.

Insufficient data governance

Another major challenge that faces file hosting platforms is insufficient data governance, especially after the teams have completed their projects. In most cases, teams create storage pools for particular projects, and after the project is completed, they release the storage back to the file hosting provider.

They forget that cloud storage might contain residual data that hackers can use to exploit their businesses. When collaborating on the project, you must ensure that you encrypt all the data you use with strict key management. Doing this will ensure that no one will ever access your files without the decryption key.

Thus, you don’t have to worry even if some residual data is left on the cloud storage. You can also enforce data segregation of duties to limit the access to data teams are working with and educate them on the data protection policies and the use of third-party data protection tools.

Poor access controls

Poor access controls cause a lot of confusion and can even lead to data loss from the business. Unauthorized third-party access to the file hosting platform is a huge threat to many companies, often failing to address it adequately.

To adequately secure your cloud hosting platform, you must ensure that all data stored on the cloud is only accessed by authorized persons and for legitimate reasons. You need to ensure that data on the cloud storage is only accessed on the principle of the least privilege.

This will restrict all the users to the files they only need regularly. To achieve this, implement a log analysis and monitoring tool together with receiving alerts on any unusual activity to thwart any attempt to access the data stored on the file hosting platform.

Inadequate security controls and sketchy regulatory compliance

Most of the security challenges facing file hosting platforms develop from conflicting and complex security controls complicating the access process. You can use several options to deal with inadequate security controls and file hosting solutions requiring clients to set up their basic security controls.

The other option is to deal with a hosting provider that will agree to shoulder the responsibility of ensuring adequate data security in your business. With sketchy regulatory compliance, you must track and adhere strictly to the changing privacy and retention laws.

These compliance policies vary depending on your data volume and where organizations store their data. Before using the file hosting platform, plan and ensure that you are ready to adhere to all policies.


File hosting platforms are highly secure only if you adhere to secure data handling practices. Otherwise, you will face many challenges when handling your data on cloud storage. If you encounter any challenges discussed above, use the solutions to secure your business from unauthorized access.

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