Apple limits AirDrop ‘Everyone’ option to 10 minutes in China

everyone option airdrop 10 minutes china
everyone option airdrop 10 minutes china

A change in the iOS 16.1.1 release for Chinese users has some people talking. According to internet user reports, Apple is limiting the “Everyone” option in AirDrop on iPhones purchased in mainland China for 10 minutes. According to Apple, it is enhancing the AirDrop experience by automatically changing the receiving option back to “Contacts Only” after 10 minutes to help reduce unsolicited file sharing.

Some believe that this capability should have been available to all Apple customers for a long time — sometimes people forget to turn off Airdrop and wind up with unwanted content from unknown users — while others see the decision as Apple’s reaction to recent episodes in China. According to Apple, this functionality will be available to consumers worldwide in the following year.

Airdrop’s default option is “Contacts Only.” To receive files from “Everyone,” a user must manually alter the option.

AirDrop, which uses Bluetooth Low Energy and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi technology to enable instant file transfer, is one of China’s few uncensored communication mediums, which is why people have been using the feature to share politically sensitive content with others in recent weeks as the country’s top leadership has reshuffled.

Despite the growth of local rivals like as Huawei and Oppo, Apple has maintained its dominance in China, particularly among more wealthy groups. According to Counterpoint analysis, iPhones accounted for 13% of phone shipments in China in the second quarter, down from 18% and 22% in the first and fourth quarters, respectively.

It’s not uncommon for Apple to implement region-specific limitations in order to comply with local rules. Users in the EU, for example, are not permitted to exceed the EU Volume Level due to hearing protection rules. In China, Apple has a history of enforcing stricter controls on content-related services such as games and podcasts, which are rigorously monitored by local authorities.

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