Epic Games Still in Loss, But is Catching Up to Steam Fast

Epic Games Still in Loss, But is Catching Up to Steam Fast

While interviewing The Verge, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney revealed that his company is catching up to Steam faster than ever. The interview was conducted after the famous court case of Epic Games and Google.

In the end, the case verdict came in favor of Epic Games. The judgment of the case successfully proved that Google has a monopoly in the Android market. Epic Games store was launched five years ago to challenge Steam.

To attract more developers, it gave more earnings commission than Steam clients.

Epic Games takes only 12% of all the profits, while Steam takes 30% of overall revenues from developers. After launching the Epic Games Store, they included various elements other than games, such as browsers and Unreal Engine.

They also give free games at different times of the year. After so many positive things, Epic Games is still at a loss after five years.

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