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Rumored Leaks of Renders of the Apple iPhone 16 Prototype

iPhone 16 prototype renders leak

Even though the iPhone 16 series is still a ways off, a recent MacRumors post provides some vital information about the basic design of the upcoming flagship. Three pre-production design images show the potential new modifications to the upcoming model of the iPhone.


Apple is rumored to be experimenting with the back design and button location on its future baseline iPhone, called internally “DeLorean.” The first design is a vertical pill that houses two camera lenses in a camera configuration reminiscent of the iPhone X.


The yellow-rendered iPhone 16 prototype also has a single volume rocker button rather than the distinct volume up and down buttons that have been a part of every iPhone since 2010. Capacitative Action Buttons are above the volume controls on all three handsets.


Other variants have a much larger button. The camera design is changed to a more recognizable style in the other two renders displayed in pink and black. Each lens is now enclosed in a metal ring.


A capacitive Capture Button beneath the power button is another characteristic of the black variant. According to an earlier rumor, the new button within Apple headquarters is dubbed “Project Nova” and will function as both a camera shutter and a force touch sensor. The Action Button is anticipated to be available for the iPhone 16 series.

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