How to Download Movies From Exodus Kodi Addon

If you are a regular user of Kodi then you must have been using it for streaming movies, TV shows, videos, sports, and others. The majority of the add-ons available allow the user to stream the content online. However, it is possible to download movies from Kodi.

This excellent feat is now achievable with the Exodus Kodi add-on. You can download movies or TV shows from Kodi on your local storage and then can watch in your free time whenever you want. Actually, it is a great feature for watching content on Kodi in your own time. 

How to Download Movies and TV Shows with Kodi

By installing the Exodus Kodi add-on, you can easily download movies from Kodi directly to your device. By doing so, you can watch your favorite movies over and over anytime you wish to. Therefore, in this post, we shall discuss how to download movies from Kodi.

Important: Exodus is not available at the moment, but the feature of Exodus addon for downloading movies and TV shows can be found in any other Kodi addon available in your addons library. With the help of this feature, you can download whatever media file you want and then watch online without being connected to the internet.

To get the download features on Kodi, you need to install the Exodus addon. Below in this article, there is a step by step guide for installing it on your device. Follow the guide to ensure its successful installation. 

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Advantages of Downloading Movies & TV Shows From Kodi 

  • You can download high-quality recent movies with great ease.
  • There will be no requirement to select any ads for downloading the movie.
  • There will be no Kodi buffering problems.
  • You can save the movies and other shows straight on your hard disk and watch them anytime you wish.
  • As you have downloaded the movies, so you can watch them even without the internet.
  • You can easily download the movies from the servers not requiring seeding at torrents.

Steps to Follow for Downloading Movies & TV Shows from Exodus on Kodi

If you carefully follow the steps that will be mentioned now, you can easily download movies from Kodi.

    1. Open up Kodi application on the device.
    2. Move to add-ons section and click on “Video Add-ons”.
    3. Then click on “ExodusKodi add-on.
    4. Then move down a little and select Tools icon.
    5. Now move to EXODUS: Downloads option.
    6. Now go to Enable downloads option in the settings-Exodus.
    7. Here you will see two options, Movies and TV.
    8. Then choose the storage location of movies and TV.
    9. Save the downloaded files by selecting a folder in the Movies and TV.
    10. The initial set-up is completed now. The next step is to download the Movies or TV shows. Open the Exodus add-on page and click on movies.
    11. Now click on any movie that you wish to download.
    12. Select the movie name that you want to download. This will load the list of servers available.
    13. Right-click on any server you wish to. This differs from one device to another. Select Download from the list of options that appears.
    14. A pop-up will appear on the screen. Select the Confirm option to begin the download process.
    15. It might take a little time which relies on internet speed.
    16. Open the folder which you had selected before. You will find your downloaded movie here.

A similar process is applicable for downloading the TV shows from Kodi. Just in case you face some problems in downloading the movies or TV shows, it might be because of the location of the server you selected. To prevent this you need a Kodi VPN. If you use Kodi VPN you can use a server from any other location. In this way, you can easily download movies from Kodi.

Final words 

Most of the time, Kodi users use this media streaming app for live streaming and watching movies, TV shows, dramas, documentaries and other type of content. But there are few who are aware of the fact that Kodi also gives a great feature of downloading content on your device’s local storage. This can be done with the help of various tools available on Kodi for downloading movies and TV shows.

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