7 Easy-to-Play Games You Can Enjoy with No Gaming PC

Games You Can Enjoy with No Gaming PC

A high-end PC is a dream for many gamers. It’ll allow you to play any AAA adventure without checking its specifications. However, our world is imperfect, and most of us can’t afford to buy one. But what if we want to play with a chip like Intel Core i3? What games can I run on my middle-of-the-road crappy laptop meant only for work?

Luckily, the entertainment industry offers lots of easy-to-play games for any gear. They’re not on Steam or other stores. There are lots of browser-based options that can run even on a low-end PC. We don’t mean early 2000s digital toys or older. They won’t be interesting to modern fans. Today you can access any games you want without downloading files.

We’ve prepared a short roundup of the best web options to try. They’ll surely run on any device and glue you to the screen for good.

Play On a Non-Gaming PC for Free

While big AAA studios focus on audiences ready to pay, smaller ones charge no fees. These instant download-free options won’t require loads of RAM or pricey gaming graphics cards. They’re available from any PC and often run even from smartphones. Most of the journeys below are single-player or multiplayer and allow inviting old and new friends. Enjoy these easy-to-run games together when working in the office/remotely or studying.

It’s a low-spec growth-based adventure set in the sea. You’ll control many water creatures if you stay around long enough. But first, you choose someone like a piranha, tetra, clownfish, etc. Once you enter the session, start eating colourful blobs around.

The more you consume, the faster your experience bar gets filled. You’ll be offered a chance to evolve into a different creature when it’s full. By the way, each has its limitations and special abilities. For example, tetra has a very short vision distance. But it can sense the vibrations of other animals and fishes.

This no-download challenge offers several modes: solo, team-based, pear defence, etc. Try this simple title yourself to experience all it has!


Do you remember that great low-res look of Pac-Man that was first released in 1980? It has inspired the creation of this new arena-like adventure. This must-have title has similar main characters but completely different gameplay. You’ll become a circle with a mouth to swim around a huge field. There are lots of orbs to swallow and boost your growth.

Be careful as you move around. There are lots of dangers. First of all, other players may want to attack and take all your scores. Secondly, you risk facing environmental threats. For example, sharp gear wheels standing still or flying back and forth. The red area around leads to instant death, so stay away from it. And enjoy the funniest action!

Can my pc run this game? You can relax: any device can launch this adventure due to its low requirements. Wander around, become bigger and faster and enjoy some perks. For instance, invisibility (but it works for some seconds, the same is with other boosters).

Crazy Steve

You can use a regular pc for gaming to power up this low graphics title. It pits you against other players on a top-down map. Walking around, you grab materials such as eggs, dynamite, bow, arrows, etc. You’ll need them to shoot at your enemies.

A tip: explosives seem to cause more damage to your opponents. However, it’s easy to destroy yourself this way, so be careful. The more you kill, the more scores you get. It’s vital to use the environment to your advantage. For example, saddle up a pig if you want to speed up! Explore other opportunities yourself.

Get primed for a dangerous world filled with creatures ready for an attack. You’ll enter a map barehanded. Make sure you run away from animals and other players, especially if they have a skull near their HP.

Get to a safe place and gather some materials: wood and stone. This will allow you to craft a chopper and pickaxe. Use them to fight off weaker animals and collect what’s left of them. Build walls for protection and improve your level. You get scores for everything you do: fighting, crafting, etc.

How far can you go to become the best in this top-rated adventure? Enjoy the toy to find out. By the way, you don’t have to download it because it’s launched right through a browser.


This adventure will allow you to have fun without burning down your system. It’s light, hooking, and not a single-player. Several users enter the same room and become painters in turns. The goal is to draw a word for others to guess.

Some tips will help you become the winner:

  • Pick the easiest word. It should be short and easy to spell and draw.
  • Keep guessing even if you have no idea what the other guy is trying to show. You might hit a letter that will give you a hint in the right direction.
  • Don’t write anything on the board. It’ll spoil all the fun!

Battle Boats

Are you ready to start a sea war? You’ll control a small boat, attack vessels and improve your level. A tip: complete your training first. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to learn everything in the heat of the fire.

When you enter the round, you’ll join a team of red or blue. The goal is to destroy as many enemy boats as possible. Change your equipment right during the hottest battle. Collect crates to restore your HP and get a better weapon modification. Pull dynamites to the opponent’s base to blow it.

However, the environment wants to destroy everyone, too. There are lasers and other dangers to mind. Can you adjust to them and use them to your advantage? We shall see!

It’s a popular top-down shooter that will send your heart pumping. The map is as minimalistic as possible: just a squared field with blocks. Move around and use walls to dodge your opponents’ bullets. Equip your warrior with armour before the match begins. However, this will slow you down. Pick a gun to suit your killing style and eliminate your enemies!

But you can also talk to opponents through a built-in chat. Even if it’s not a team mode, find allies and fight together! The title is located on a separate site. Check if your Internet is stable, and click the link above to get there.

Summing Up

What games can my laptop run? Right now, you have a whole list of top options. Play them on a non-gaming pc for free. These amazing low spec pc games won’t need an Intel Core i5 chip or better. They’ll be easily powered up by what you already have.

However, if you’re monitoring online entertainment trends, you’ll miss a truly legendary browser toy here. Why doesn’t our list have the trending Among Us social deduction challenge? We agree that it’s among the finest digital fun to dive into. However, it seemed important to drag other cool projects into the light. But if you haven’t played Among Us, go to this website. A short article will briefly describe the game, characters, and colors. As a result, it’ll be easier to start. By the way, it runs on any gaming system as well.

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