Know all About Among Us Characters Colors and Symbols

Know all About Among Us Character Colors and Symbols

Among Us, Character is the most exciting thing in-game. If you are aware of the fundamentals pathway, handling the rest depends on the capability of your conversation. You haven’t much time to present your case.

There is a total of 12 crewmates with their specific color. If you choose an among us character over another, this is not beneficial, so here you have to admit that your long term aim is to look darn cool in mobile multiplayer games.

The exciting thing about that is you can customize the Character as you want, along with various Among Us pets, hats, and Skins. You can create a unique and wonderful crewmate with selected clothes, matching, and creative colors. With these tips, you will become the creator expert soon in every Among Us Character.  

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What is Among Us Character?

The characters among Us are crewmembers of a spaceship, and a strange and fatal imposter invades them. These Characters are like humanoid creature that wears full-body spacesuits, with an appearance and small backpacks. It cannot confirm what is in their bags, but it looks like an oxygen tank.

There is no proper plan for crewmembers; they can perform any task with any incident. Provided imposter doesn’t kill crewmembers. With new maps and updates, it can be changed as the Among Us character has no solid backstory still.

Among Us Characters Name

A player suggests a name for Among Us Character on his own. You can edit or change a title before starting a new round. To do something thrilling and latest, Go to the Online Menu > hit on the Enter Name, and then go to your existing title. While a partway via round, you cannot change your name because it allows for irritating shenanigans.

Among Us Character Symbols/Among Us Character Colors

  • Black (Black Among Us character)

  • Blue (Blue Among Us character)

  • Brown

  • Cyan

  • Green (Green Among Us character)

  • Lime (Lime Among Us character)

  • Orange (Orange Among Us character)

  • Pink

  • Purple (Among Us character Purple)

  • Red (Among us red Characters)

  • White (White Among Us character)

  • Yellow (Yellow Among Us character)


Once you select a color, you can customize the Character by loading it into the lobby. You only have access to the character customization page when you are in a lobby. Approach the PC in the main lobby and access the character customization interface through it.

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