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Choosing Between Coursera & Udemy: A Detailed Comparison

Coursera vs. Udemy Features Comparison Overview 

Coursera and Udemy are the two proven names in the e-learning industry. This comparison article of Udemy vs. Coursera provides a detailed overview of how these competing platforms are better than each other. We have covered the comparison, differences, similarities, pros & cons, and other important features before you decide to buy a course. 

What is Udemy?

Introduced in 2010, Udemy is one of the most well-known names of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers. It offers a wide range of cheaper courses on almost every topic, ranging from technology, IT, software, networks, personal development, health, and other fields. Everyone can sell their courses on Udemy so that you can find diverse categories of methods at the best prices. Using their course, you can prepare for your upcoming interview or make yourself ready for your next exam. 

What is Coursera?

Just like Udemy, Coursera is also a well-known platform for MOOCs. It was founded in 2012 by Standford University to provide quality education to online learners from qualified instructors. It was founded by two famous computer science professors from Standford University, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, so there is a lot of learning content for computer science students. Coursera offers degree-level programs in various subjects from top universities and colleges. 

Coursera vs. Udemy Features Comparison Overview 

This Udemy vs. Coursera comparison information is gathered after research on various online learning platforms. The table below provides a brief one-by-one feature comparison overview of Udemy and Coursera. 

So, if you decide between Coursera and Udemy for your eLearning course, this detailed feature comparison will give you the complete picture of each platform. You will learn about several studies, pricing structures, degree programs, certifications, free trials, and other elements required for a course. 

Features Coursera Udemy
Price Starting from $19.99 Starting from $39.00
Number of Users More than 30 million users  More than 40 million users 
Number of Courses  100K Around 4,000 
Course Categories  Computer Science, Languages, Data Science, Social Sciences, IT, Software, Health & Medical, Personal development, Arts & Music, Philosophy Computer Science, Languages, Data Science, Social Sciences, IT, Software, Health & Medical, Personal development 
Mobile App Availability  Yes Yes
Course Languages  Multiple Languages Multiple Languages 
Financial Aid facility  No Yes
Completion Certification Yes Yes
Free Courses 500+ courses are freely available on Udemy Yes, 2,500+ free courses without certifications 
Trial Period  7 Days 7 Days 
Money Back Guarantee  Yes Yes
Plans Program, enterprise, business, and team plans  Single subscription 
Instructure qualification  Anyone can become an instructor on Udemy Only qualified teachers can teach a course 
University Degrees  No Yes
Offline Access Yes Yes
Course Download Option  Yes Yes
Founded 2010 2012
Value for Money Provides best value for money Yes, along with professional certifications
Content Quality  High-quality video content High-quality video content
Course Progress Checker  Yes No
Headquarters USA USA
Support Available  Available 
Specialization Anyone can become an instructor and teach any topic Access to university content with certifications and degree programs 
University/College Credit Basic certifications  Paid access to university education
Website URL https://www.coursera.org/ https://www.udemy.com/


Pros of Coursera 

  • Coursera offers professional courses from accredited universities and colleges. 
  • Courses on Coursera are well-aligned and more structured.
  • Coursera partners with global institutions and organizations such as Google and many other famous universities. 
  • You get certifications in the name of accredited institutions. 
  • Multiple course options are available, such as single-degree programs and specializations. 
  • You can get a degree of masters with Coursera. 
  • Courses on Coursera are designed by leading universities and instructors 
  • Mobile phone access is also available 
  • Download videos and watch them later 
  • Multiple language options are available 

Cons of Coursera 

  • You need to wait for the course start date to enroll 
  • Although there are free courses, you will not receive any certification for such courses 
  • Some courses are only available on specific dates

Pros of Udemy 

  • Udemy allows you to plan your courses  
  • Track your course progress 
  • Buy all the systems individually 
  • Multiple language options are available 
  • More than 100,000 courses are published each month 
  • Udemy offers career-oriented courses 
  • Udemy offers certificates on course completion. Basic, intermediate, and advanced course options are available at Udemy. 
  • A free trial is available. 
  • Udemy courses come with transcriptions. 
  • Cross-platform course availability 
  • Read reviews and check ratings from past students 
  • There is no need for prequalification to take a course 
  • Download courses to watch later offline 

Cons of Udemy 

  • Udemy is comparatively expensive. 
  • The complete course is not available for free 
  • Top organizations do not accredit udemy 
  • A personalised learning path is not available 
  • Skill analysis is not available 
  • No connection with an instructor 
  • Some main categories, such as Math & Logic Arts sources, are not available or limited. 
  • Degree programs are not available. 

Final Words; 

In eLearning and online education, Udemy and Coursera are two proven names. The above-detailed comparison might help you select the best platform. But if there are better platforms for you, you may find some of the best eLearning alternatives, such as EDX, Udacity, Linkedin, Codeacademy, Datacamp, and a few more like these.

When attending a MOOC, also known as a Massive Open Online Course, you must look at various factors. The most important one is value for money regarding online courses. The above two compared eLearning platforms provide excellent value for money.

Both sites have positive points, but Coursera is the best for us. The content quality of Udemy is the best, but if you look at the course languages, Coursera is on top with 65 plus languages. To compare both of these platforms for pricing, Udemy is cheaper than Coursera.

Similarly, in terms of free course availability, Udemy provides fewer free courses than Coursera. You should look at specific features and consider the one that attracts you more. If price is the main feature for you, then go with Udemy. But if you need university-level certifications, then you should opt for Coursera. 

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